Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prince Edward who? I'd never, ever heard of Prince Edward Medley before. Nor had I looked at the bag for the "mixed vegetables" we got from Aldi. Until tonight, when I was looking at the back of the bag to see how long it needed to cook for: "Place desired amount of Prince Edward Medley in a small amount of boiling salted water." Do what with who???? So I flip the package over and see that the mixture of green beans, wax beans, and baby carrots is indeed called Prince Edward Medley.
After doing some searching on it, it looks to be fairly common, and it originated presumably on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Why it's specific to there I don't know, and I couldn't find anything about it. I did find a link to the Aldi webpage and the PEM:

So there you have it...has anyone else never heard of PEM?

Dear old PEM...he's been boiled now. And he was quite tasty...even though I forgot to boil him in salted water...oops!


Rebecca said...

You forgot to salt Prince Edward?!?!?!!?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...