Friday, April 24, 2009 okay with you?

Oh wow...I've been really bad about leaving comments, or even replying to comments on here recently! Sorry. :( I've left a few short comments, but anything that I wanted to think about I ended up never writing...not the best plan perhaps. So anyway, I replied to some of them just now. :), once again, not a real post here, but music's always good, right? :)

I was listening to Pandora radio and had it on my "Coldplay" station, and this is one of the songs that came up as being similar to their style. I like it for some reason, though I don't always like this sort of singing. It does sort of remind me of Billy Joel though...probably because he's playing the piano.

This Year's Love ~David Gray

And a Coldplay song I hadn't heard before...and look, Chris Martin can sit still! :

Til Kingdom Come ~Coldplay

Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground ~Coldplay (this one's rather depressing actually if you pay attention to the lyrics. Hmm.)

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Caroline said...

Love the bloggy make over! very spring-y!