Monday, April 13, 2009

What I did this past weekend

And doesn't that sound like the typical school paper subject?

And it gets the typical response...I'm not the sort of person who does exciting things that are worth writing papers about. Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever actually had an assignment like that in school, but it is the stereotypical subject. Or something along those lines.

At any rate, this weekend...I spring-cleaned!!! Wow! Sorry to overwhelm you with the excitement of it all, I know it's thrilling. ;) So I'll just let you sit for a moment and recover from your awe-struck state.

*smiles patiently*

*taps fingers on desk while contemplating clock*

*considers that I really need to get a clock that actually works*

*comes back to the present*

All better? Good. What was that? I heard you mumble...yeah, I'm sure, well, some people get excited about cleaning. So deal with it.

In all seriousness, I did clean my room this weekend, and believe me, it needed it. And while I don't think I'd say I actually like cleaning, I do like things to be clean, so in that it's a means to an end, I like it. Sorta. Dusting I strongly dislike, and I'm never terribly satisfied with the results either.

But I needed to clean my room for a variety of reasons, one of them being my cat who quite possibly has allergies. And there are many things she could be allergic to, but it wouldn't hurt to start with the stuff in my room since she spends most of her time in there. That meant dealing with all the dust hiding (or not) in various places, and also the *cough* mold lurking in the corner. Every stinking thing around here molds! We've got to have the moisture though, or it would be too dry, but the moisture tends to collect in the wrong in the corner behind my bed.

And yes, I know that it's because it's an outside wall and it doesn't get enough airflow, and I need to keep my bed further from the wall to avoid the mold growing. But I also have a tiny little room, so things are best pushed up against the walls, and I don't like things falling off my bed into the nasty mold-growing corner. Because guess what would get moldy then? Whatever fell back there. But anyway...

It's just a good thing that I'm not super-sensitive to dust and mold. I mean, I have normal allergies, but not the kind where the house has to be sanitized. That would be a pain.

So I got Dad to help me carry the mattress and boxspring out and I got the moldy corner bleached and cleaned up, and wiped down the rest of the trim while I was at it. Then while that dried I dealt with the rest of the room...which meant decluttering before I could even get at the dust. But it needed to be done sometime, so it was now or later. I'm glad I got it done. And I hadn't messed with the decor for a while, so I did that some too.

I even color-coordinated my closet, even though I didn't get around to actually going through all the stuff in the closet. Nor did I get my shelves and bins of yarn organized, but I'm not sure that's really possible But here's my organized closet anyway (don't know how long it will stay that way!):

I also got my desk fairly cleared off:

Put up some new photos, all of them color photos mom was surprised. :D

Restuck the CDs that had fallen off:

I got some of the stuff cleared off my door...I'm not sure what to put on there instead:

I left my French coins up there though, I don't know where else to put them:

Cleared off and reorganized my memo board too:

Neat bookshelf!!! All the books fit!:

Took my winter scarves out of the pink bowl and put summer scarves in instead...they rather clash :/

Gracie helped supervised:

But now it's all clean anyway, and maybe Petunia will be happier...she doesn't look very happy though:

My pile of library books to read...I have a feeling I'll have to check some of those out again later. :p

So, that was my exciting Easter weekend...I also made a cake on Saturday for the Easter lunch on Sunday. Chocolate with pale green icing and pastel peanut M&Ms on it. Evidently I forgot to take a picture.

Oh, on Thursday night I went over to my friend Lauren's house to hang out with her and her sisters, (that's two links) and their cousin Jessica! We had a lot of fun making and eating pizza, talking about anything and everything, and Lauren and I tried to teach them how to contra dance. It was hilariously fun. :D Ha....I went over there after I got home from work, and when I got there they were all spazzing around the kitchen because they'd had espresso. They informed that there was a little bit left over, at which point I assessed the situation and decided I had better have some or there was no way I'd keep up. :D


Caroline said...


Ana said...

Wahoo for all the clean things! I like cleaning, and I like having things cleaned, too! Good job.

abby said...

i wish i enjoyed spring cleaning, or any cleaning for that matter. Unfortunately, I struggle to make my bed each morning. (don't i caroline?) :) but i did yesterday!! wahoo!

that's awesome though! Looks great!

the cake sounds cute and Easter-y!

Abigail said...

I am impressed with that color-coordinated closet! :D

Ah, I see "The Count of Monte Cristo" in your library stack? I really liked that book!

Lauren said...

we totally had a blast thursday! This post cracked me up...your book shelf looks great and it always makes me feel better to re-arrange my memo board! sweet!

Natalie said...

Thanks! :)

Yes, it's so nice to have everything clean and organized....I just wish it were easier to keep it that way. :(

Yes, Abigail, I just finished reading it this week actually. I really, really enjoyed it!