Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeah...old news

I apologize...I post pictures on Facebook, and then I post them on here (with a little more text usually), so my friends who see both get a repeat, and my readers who aren't on Facebook get a bunch of pictures and wonder why I never write anything anymore. Or don't care...depending on the reader.

So, Ron Paul spoke at Wake Forest University (or it's known around here*) last Monday, and my friend Laura and I went to hear him. It was very good, I agreed with most of the things he said, so much so that it was rather a disappointment that we can't, you for him or anything! You can see video of the speech here.

*At least, that's how we say it! I assume since Dad works for the med school that he's saying it right. :)

I took all of two photos of of Ron Paul and one of William Lawson (a congressional candidate) who introduced him. The rest of the pictures I took were of Wait Chapel, because it looks really neat. :)

Young Americans for Liberty is the group that organized all this, and they were passing out stickers while people were waiting in line. Laura and I were upset that they didn't leave the backing on the stickers. The girl suggested that we could save the stickers, but you know...they've been stuck already! I mean, I understand not paying more for a roll of stickers with perforations, but the people passing out the stickers could have had a pair of scissors and cut them apart if people wanted them that way. Of course, then there's the possibility that people would then decide to peel the sticker off and drop the paper on the ground. I don't know...we thought it should have been handled differently anyway. :) What can I say? Laura and I were both homeschooled....there's almost always a better way to do things. :D

I wish I'd gotten a picture of all the people; a line of two-three people stretching all the way around the quad. We decided that for some reason it reminded us of the fair...I'm still not quite sure why. Just the huge mass of people outside, I guess. The guys behind us were discussing whether it would be more efficient to drink with two straws, or if that would slow it down was terribly fascinating...or not. lol

Anyway, that was fun to go to. And Laura and I went to Starbucks afterwards and talked, talked, talked because we hadn't seen each other for a while. :) And I didn't get lost trying to find a parking space at WFU! I've been there before, but I'm not really very familiar with the Reynolda campus.....heh, I say that like I know my way around the med school perfectly well. :p


Beth said...

I think the preferred local abbreviation of the name is "Wake".

Uncle Jim said...

As far as Ron Paul is concerned, I believe you had the opportunity to vote for him in the recent Republican Presidential primary.

If not, you could have voted for the candidate he endorsed in the general election - Chuck Baldwin.

Natalie said...

I did, and I would have, respectively. But with North Carolina's write-in requirements, the second wasn't possible. :/

Abby said...

I didn't hear much about Ron Paul when he was in...

that's cool you got to hear him speak!