Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Winston-Salem on a Tuesday

So, yesterday was a little busy. My dad went to a conference in Mebane with our pastor and another guy from church, so I had to drop him off at the other guy's house really early before work. I went to McDonald's and got a sausage, egg McMuffin and hashbrowns for breakfast...breakfast is about the only thing McDonald's is good for really. :p And then it's probably best to not think about what's in the sausage too much... It tasted really good anyway.

Then I headed to work and had a good day of work. The baby was really happy, and she kept hugging me and drooling on me....which, while it was good, made me feel rather like I was taking care of a little puppy. :)

Meanwhile, I was trying to make plans with my friends. We were planning on going out for supper and then going contra dancing. Well, we decided we were going to go to Skippy's, which is a hotdog place and apparently really good from what I've heard, but then we found out it closed at 7. Bother. And I don't eat out much, so I really don't know much about what's around to eat. As it was we ended up going to Chik-fil-a. lol And that was fine, I like their chicken, so it was a yummy supper.

After we got done there Zoe wanted to stop at an ice cream place downtown and get some ice cream before we went to the dance. She mentioned it to me last week, that we should go there after a dance, but I didn't think that would work. So anyway, I said sure, I was fine with that. So we headed there...and couldn't find a parking space. *sigh* There was something going on at the Stevens Center downtown, so all the spaces were full. I finally ended up circling the block while Zoe and Lauren went in and got us milkshakes. Then when I came back around I stopped with my hazards on so they could get in...and someone came up behind and honked at me. Excuse me?! Can you not see that there are people getting into the car and I will then move and be out of your way? The light's red anyway, you're not going to be able to go anywhere! Hmph...

Anyway, then I had to figure out how to get to the dance from there. And I'm really rather proud of myself that I figured it out as well as I internal sense of direction seems to be improving. Don't ask me what exact direction I'm going; north, east, etc., but I will know which way it is anyway. :D Basically I was able to get back on the highway and take the right exit from there. It wasn't until we were headed home that I saw the end of fourth street and exclaimed, "Aaah, I could have just gone down 4th the rest of the way!!!" :/

When I got home last night my dad asked why we didn't go to Skippy's and then said, "You could have gone to Foothills [Brewery], it's almost right next door." My mom expressed some doubt as to whether that was really suitable for teenagers. :D My dad said that, well, maybe not... I was just reading an issue of Winston-Salem Monthly though and it said that Foothills has half-priced kids' meals on Tuesdays, so perhaps it is fairly family-friendly. As it was, we still wouldn't have been able to find parking because it's on 4th fact, there seemed to be lots of stuff on 4th that would be nice provided there was either nothing else going on downtown, or you were willing to walk a ways.

So, the dance last night was good. I mean, it was a contra dance, of course it was fun. But it wasn't spectacular. The last one I went to was awesome...lots of people and wonderful Celtic music. I love Celtic brings out my well, Celtic roots. :D Heehee. That sounds sounds like a tree. A big Lord of the Rings-ish tree... Okay, now I'm rambling. Anyways, last night's band was good, not super-wonderful, but not bad. But I think for a dance to be really, really fun it depends on what people are there, what dances are called, who you dance a particular dance with, and then also the music. And I guess those things just didn't quite align properly last night; not for me anyway, but then I was a little tired, so maybe my perception was just skewed. It seems like everyone else was either kind of out of it too, or the other people were way more hyper than they should have been. It was probably just me though. :)

When I got home last night after dropping the girls off, my parents were actually still up for once, since Dad had gotten home late too. So I didn't have to worry about disturbing them anyway. I was talking to my mom though and realizing that I was feeling more and more tired. It wasn't until today that I figured out why I was so tired even. I only got up 15 minutes earlier than usual yesterday morning, I got an 1.5 nap in the morning, and it wasn't a late dance, so it wasn't like I was out really late. I drove a lot though. I like driving, but it wears me out. Or navigating does. If I can drive where I know exactly where I'm going it's not stressful and doesn't wear me out. So I think that's why I was so terribly tired!

But I got my shower, ate a piece of cheesecake, got to bed by midnight, and fell sound asleep almost immediately. So I had a pretty good night of sleep...I woke up at one point and realized I still had an hour or so to sleep, that's always nice! :)

So that was my Tuesday. And right now I'm at work again. I went to Panera this morning for breakfast, got my usual: cinnamon crunch bagel, sliced and toasted, w/cream a cup of coffee. Um, I think I'll pass on the coffee next time, it wasn't very good. I should have gotten tea, though last time I wasn't happy with that because it cooled off too fast. However I noticed that they have a microwave that you can, tea next time! So I ate my breakfast, poked around online, and people watched.

Other highlights from Winston-Salem Monthly, from a "things to do on a dime" list:

1. Go skating. Sure, sounds like fun, I've been wanting to go roller-skating for some reason.

4. Do some treasure hunting at Cook's Flea, I dunno...I think not.

6. Play tennis. You know, that sounds like fun too. I have no idea how to really play tennis, but it sounds fun.

7. Stop by Krispy Kreme. Sure, if I still liked doughnuts. Unfortunately I don't really.

11. Take an enriching tour of Reynolda House Museum of American Art. Enriching huh? Mmm...

14. Go people-watching at Hanes Mall. Sure!

19. Test your skateboarding skills at Kernersville's Fourth of July Park. that as "kill or seriously injure yourself" my case anyway.

24. Keep your eye out for free-to-attend events at Bethabara Park, such as the Celtic Festival in the spring. Ooh, sounds like fun!


rebecca said...

Ugh. I don't like doughnuts anymore either. I used to really love them, too. I still like glazed doughnuts. And I really love those fakey dry doughnut gem things you get at the grocery store.

That was a lot about doughnuts...

You sound so...mature, I guess, eating breakfast at Panera before you go to work :)

Lauren said...

aww reynolda house is fun! and I agree with you on the contra dance, fun but not great. I had good partners for the most part but it just wasn't as magically engergizing as it has been in the past. lol.

abby said...

i had so much fun learning to contra dancing with u!!;)

Natalie said...

Eww....can't stand the dry doughnut things. :P Hehe, doughnuts are a complex subject. *looks solemn*

Mature, huh? *grins and starts laughing* Sure, if you say so. :D Yeah, I know what you mean though. It does feel mature.

Hmm...I find Reynolda House a little creepy inside. But I do have a weird phobia of old buildings like that, so it's just me. :)

I had fun teaching you to dance, Abby! :)