Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kipper the Dog

Since I'm writing while hearing this in the background, I might as well write a short review!
First of all, this is about the only kids cartoon I can stand! :)
It's a very calm, relaxed cartoon, nothing to give kids nightmares, and not noisy enough to drive parents (or older siblings) crazy. The DVDs contain several adventures featuring Kipper and his friends: Tiger and Jake (also dogs), Pig ( guessed it...pig), and Pig's little cousin Arnold, who is also a pig. The cartoons are based on books by Mick Inkpen. What is very cute about this cartoon is that the animals all have British accents! The only thing that drives me crazy is my little brother (almost five) acting out Kipper! So, if you don't mind your child talking with a British accent, and acting out Kipper stories, I highly recommend these DVDs. There is also Kipper's website that I found. There are coloring pages, and games relating to Kipper. Enjoy!

Crocheting: I'm almost done with "Short & Sweet". I finished the sleeves, then decided that I want the whole thing to be longer. Luckily, it is not a problem at all to add more, and there are even specific instructions for doing so. Wow, instructions? For something like that... when I had to fill in the stuff they left out of the pattern as I went? So I need to do about four more rows on that, weave in all the loose ends of yarn, wash and block it, and it will be done! And if that sounds like a lot, it doesn't really take that long. At least... I crochet fast, so it won't take me very long. I do hate weaving ends in though... ugh.

I really need to be working on things for the county fair, which is in October. I have a cross-stitch piece (Stoney Creek's Lord's Prayer) that I'm about 3/4 of the way through. I'm definitely going to finish that, but I was thinking about finishing this, but I've barely started on the that's definitely NOT going to happen! I think I'll get this little chart done instead. I haven't even started it, but it will be fast to stitch. And the little beaver is cute!
And of course, I'd like to get some other sewing done as well. At the moment I only have an idea of one thing to make, so if that's all I can come up with, I can get that done in 3 1/2 months. Baking... well, that doesn't have to be done until 11-12 the night before we take stuff to the fair...right? :) Well, maybe not 12, and I need to find some new things to enter.
So, recipes and sewing ideas... and a name for this blog... are what I need to come up with. Oh yeah, I've got schoolwork to do also...

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