Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Note on Kipper

Just a quick note. Some of the Kipper DVDs are a little more like popular cartoons, weird characters and adventures. We own: Cuddley Critters; Friendship Tales; Pools, Parks, and Picnics; and Water Play. These are all very good. This website mentions a few of the Kipper DVDs and the problems with some of them.


pants...hehe said...

i love kipper!!...and his cute accent! haha....awwwwweeeeeeeee...umm..i went 2 the website and i did the cute little games but i couldnt get the 1 where u like make a little track-thingie 4 the little rhodent.....HELP~!~

dont we all know???? said...

what do u think about kippipants, natalie??/ and im still l ing o l from the last aussie comment i left!!!!!!! muahahahahahah

duh!!! said...

oh...and help with that game or die!!