Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hmm...let me explain

Well, this is sort of a post to explain how I am doing the painting, since some people are suggesting I do it certain ways! Just kidding, I don't mind really! :)

First of all, there isn't really trim (crown molding) around the ceiling. We have fake crown molding, which is really just a white strip around the ceiling the width of medium width masking tape (1 1/2, or so). Of course if you look at it closely, it doesn't look like molding, but it provides an... um... awareness? of there being something up there... You know, that didn't make any sense! In other words, it keeps there from being a stark line of contrast between the nasty, white popcorn ceiling, and the colored walls. SO... what I was talking about, was that I need to paint that 2 inches or so with semi-gloss trim paint, let it dry, then put the masking tape up there, so that when I roll the paint, it won't mess it up. I probably will cut in around the top too, as it's not that far from the ceiling. I generally cut in around all trim, but I have to tape it too, because I'm bound to get paint on something!

Then there's an, oh 3/4 inch wide section behind my door that I have to do with a brush, and that is going to be a pain to tape and paint... what were the builders thinking?!! I was thinking as I was priming, that there really ought to be a better way to do this! I mean... really! I haven't a clue how it could be easier to paint, but I wish it was!

I did sand the spackle spots. I'm not sure what grit it was... I think it might have been 80... I don't know, but it was coarser than the 120 grit that was also in the garage. I usually prefer to just scrape all excess spackle off and then not have to sand, but it was really bumpy, so I couldn't get by with that.

I hadn't thought of putting another coat of primer on the spackle, that might be a good idea.

Well, I've got painting and schoolwork to do, so I'd better get going! quickly! I'll try to post an update later.


rebecca said...

hey! how's guitar goin? i found some songs with a fairly easy rhythm and it doesn't sound too bad. what kinda bands/singer people are you into? i really need some coffee.

pants...hehe said...

natalie- u better soon just start hard core messing with that guitarrrrrrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

THAT hardcore...the rrrgghhhh? :)

pants...hehe said...

i like how i blended that!!