Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This is taking forever! :) I got my room completely cleared out except for my mattress, and I got the walls dusted. I had to take out all the screws where things were hung on the walls, and the outlet covers, and vacuum it all very thoroughly. Then there were nails popping out on the baseboards, so I had to punch those back in, and spackle them and the holes on the walls. This is what it looks like now:
I'm waiting for the spackle to dry, then I need to start rolling the primer. I don't like having an extra step, but the paint on there now is really bad quality, so it needs to be thoroughly sealed before I put the new paint on. If it's not sealed, all the problems with the old paint will eventually wear through, and then all that work would be ruined...so, primer! I was hoping to get the primer done this morning so I could paint the trim around the ceiling and get it started drying. Dad said I needed to let it sit for, I think, 4-5 days before I put tape up there. Well, we'll see how the primer goes, I might still have time, like tonight, to paint the trim.
Hopefully I can get all this done, reasonably fast, because my stuff's all over the house! There's furniture and boxes in the living room, my bedframe's in the hall (and my mattress will be too, when I move it), and my bedside table is in the garage. I hope there's enough room for Dad to pull the car in... :( He didn't want to leave it in the driveway, because we've been having so much rain and possibilities of hail.

And somehow, in the middle of all this, I need to keep working on my science book. We've decided that instead of trying to get my math book finished this summer, I'll work on the science. I'm sort of behind grade on that anyway, and I can go through it fast and still be able to comprehend it. Whereas the math...um...well, let's just say, I need to really pay attention to it!

Well, I'd better get some lunch and get back to work!
And anyone who's reading this, please leave comments (and please leave your name!!!) And who all has looked at my profile that I have 16 views on it?!! Or did someone go back to it several times??? Whatever... it doesn't really matter, I was just suprised!


rebecca said...

hey...i found your blog!! oh- and that's been jim reading your profile. according to him "he forgot he'd already seen it".

Mom said...

I looked at your comments...bwahahahah...and your profile, too, so that's number 17.

Uncle Jim said...

Natalie, you might want to try "cutting" the edge between the molding and the wall by hand. There's really no need to tape it, unless you have a really unsteady hand.

Just load up a medium-sized brush with your wall paint, then hold it at a 45-degree angle to the wall. I tend to hold the brush like a pencil, or at least at a similar angle. Don't "feather" the brush up to the molding, as that'll leave too light of a coat. Let the side of the bristles run right up next to the molding and keep your brush moving slowly. If you see gaps appearing in the paint, just re-load your brush.

Keep a wet rag handy to clean up any areas where you bump into the molding; make sure the molding has dried for at least a day so you won't be disturbing it when you wipe excess away.

I'm pretty sure you can do this. :)

Uncle Jim

PS - Did you sand those spackled areas? Hit 'em with some 200-grit paper or a sanding sponge and the primer will hide them much better. You'll probably want to put at least two coats of primer over the spackled areas, as that compound just drinks up the paint.

pants...hehe said...

awe!! uncle jimmy says.......


Natalie said...

Oooo...you're evil! jk... I like that! :)

pants...hehe...muahahahaha said...

whatever girl...i dont want my identity stolen...like sum people such as uncle jimmycakes and nataliepantaroosies...lol(and i really am)......hehehehehehehehheehhehehehehehehedotcom!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,.....................heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh....yeah, im evil...no- im just kidding about ur uncle...it was nice of him 2 give u sum painting tips, but u wont listen(soooooooo jk yall on that)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i just feltlike BEING EVIL AGAiN....muaahahahahaha...jk, kiddos!!!!!!!! luv ya ms. i want my identity stolen(jk)........luv, the only person u like talking on the phone with..........pants....hehehehe...muahaha.......