Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cool T-shirts!

Threadless has some neat t-shirts...although some of them are a bit strange.

Here are some cool ones.

This t-shirt is called "A Voyage to Lilliput".

Voyage To Lilliput T

And $12 isn't a bad price for a Threadless T...but goodness they're small! I'd have to get an XL for it to fit after allowing for shrinking!

These are also cool...

You Sank My Battleship (that reminds me, I haven't played Battleship for a long time!)

What Makes It Go?

The Day The Fire Brigade Went On Strike (aw, look at the little elephants!!)

The girls shirts are on sale until the 12th...I thought it said until the end of Oct., but I must have read it wrong. Hmm...now I just have to decide whether I really want to pay $12 for a t-shirt. :)


Beth said...

I like the Battleship one!

Jessica said...

Wow, that's really small! Are they made for kids or something?

...aw, look at the little elephants!!

That's exactly what I said before I read your caption!! :P

Natalie said...

LOL! They're cute elephants!

And no, they're not supposed to be for little kids...just girls who wear their clothes tighter than we do! :D

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

These are fun shirts!

Lizzie said...

Those are neat!!

Uncle Jim said...

The "Battleship" graphic would be so much better with minor changes:


Other random thoughts:

- Why is a Japanese fighter plane attacking an unarmed Russian cruiser?

- Why does the cruiser have five holes in it? (Only the carrier has five holes in Battleship.)

- In the original graphic, the Zero's landing gear is down, suggesting the Japanese carrier is absurdly close at hand.

- Wouldn't you hate to be the unlucky pilot who has to carry the white pegs into battle?

Natalie said...

You know, I sort of subconsciously noticed the five holes and thought that didn't seem right, but didn't take the time to figure out why.

I didn't notice all the other stuff though! :) I'm thinking maybe I don't want to get that one if people are going to be analyzing it... :P

I think the white pegs are supposed to be the ones on the board. Some people (myself included) stick white pegs in the bottom around the boats to keep track of where their opponent's hit before.

Uncle Jim said...

White pegs are misses, of course - it's probably symbolic of the white splash of water as the bomb drops in. Some folks (like you & me) put them on the main board to track what their opponent is up to.

My point was just that in the graphic shown for the t-shirt, the pegs are carried by the planes... which means some unlucky pilot has to tote the white pegs around instead of being armed with reds.

Maybe it's just me... :)

MomCat said...

Well, let's just get a "Battle of the Analytical Beattys" going here, shall we?

What is the airplane doing on a Battleship game anyway? Isn't Battleship fundamentally a...battle...between ships?

Okay, I found a video game version that involves air warfare:
http://tinyurl.com/3ou3ct They have the nerve to call that "Classic Battleship". Hmmph..

Isn't the battleship the one that does most of the shooting? In which case, shouldn't the game be over when it gets sunk? When you have a battleship left why wait around trying to find that stupid little tugboat and blast it?

And why do the new rules say you have to tell your opponent *which* ship they sank? That ruins all the strategy options like hiding your submarine next to the aircraft carrier.

Natalie said...

You always had to say what boat your opponent sank, at least as long as I've played it. I don't think it affects strategy that much...

Uncle Jim said...

As long as we're beating the "Battleship" theme to death... :)

Beth, it's not a "tugboat" - it's a destroyer. It's there to keep the sub from sinking your fleet.

Btw, the aircraft carrier and the submarine significantly changed naval combat. Prolonged engagements between surface ships became rare; even the never-outclassed Yamato became little more than a carrier escort, providing additional cover against air attacks, and preventing surface attacks by smaller vessels.

The US used battleships as sea-born artillery in our beach assaults. The 16" guns that the Iowa-class battleships carried could reach targets some 24 nautical miles distant.

If anything, the game should be won when the carrier is sunk. :)

MomCat said...

Okay, it's not the part about saying which ship they sank...the new rule is saying which ship they hit. Or maybe it's always been the rule and we never played that way as kids.

Jim, not the destroyer! The little boat, the teeny two-peg boat. The cursed little boat that takes forever to find.

Perhaps one can't really hope for realism in the game of Battleship. Not the way I line up my boats, anyway!

Uncle Jim said...

There were five ships in the Battleship game we played as kids:

Carrier - 5 holes
Battleship - 4 holes
Submarine - 3 holes
Cruiser - 3 holes
Destroyer - 2 holes

A much earlier version of the game had the ships named differently (we never owned a copy):

Carrier - 5 holes
Battleship - 4 holes
Submarine - 3 holes
Destroyer - 3 holes
Patrol boat - 2 holes

Here's a pic of the ships:

The version we had: