Friday, October 03, 2008

In the year 2043...

Okay, so this is pretty much what's going to happen to my uncle Jim... ;)

Bluetooth Headset Cyborg Song

You should check out their other videos on YouTube. What's especially nice is that they can actually sing well! Mom posted one of their videos on her blog too...

Right now I have bits of about 4-5 of their songs going through my head! :p

Here are a couple other good ones:
Gas Prices Song (that one's my dad's's pretty funny!)
Wales and Badgers Song (also good...basically they're all pretty good.)

Oh yeah, I'm actually at the fair right now...and I was at work yesterday when my post posted...yay for scheduled posting! :p


rebecca said...

Actually I think that already has happened...

Jessica said...

Yeah...true. But perhaps it will be worse in 2043.

I love Rhett and Link, though! They're so weird... ;P

Uncle Jim said...


Natalie says this will happen to me. OK; I can deal with that.

Rebecca says it has already happened. OK; I can deal with that.

Jessica - well, who the heck IS Jessica? - says it's true. OK... must mean that Jessica knows me, even though I don't know her... which must mean...


(Insert theme from Tron, or other wretched Jeff Bridges project... actually, that was the MCP, or "Master Control Program" - but I digress.)

Jessica, I mean, Dearest Master Controller (DMC), will I live to see the great triumph of 2043?

Btw, Jessica, are you a runner? Do you run, DMC?

Medication. Must... find... medication.

Natalie said...

Ha-ha!! :D

I think Rebecca meant it had already happened to you...and that Jessica thought she meant it had happened in general to all the people with bluetooth headsets (blueteeth?)... Or maybe Jessica is the "Master Controller"! Hmmm... ;)

Jessica...?? :D

Jessica said...

First of all, Uncle Jim...I don't know you, but you sound a lot like this guy named Todd in my improv group, and so in that way it's almost like I know you, which IS quite odd....

And yes, Natalie, I was referring to people in general who have bluetooth headsets. And since the plural is on the "headsets", there is no need to say "blueteeth" unless you were leaving the "headset" part out of it.

I am not a runner. I am a swimmer, and I never really listened to Run DMC... :P