Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hmm...not bad!! :)

I did a bit of shopping today! Successful shopping, thus the exclamation point. Well, in the long run it was successful, but there were still plenty of the usual "Who on earth can wear these clothes?!!" moments as well....I have trouble finding clothes that fit right.

I needed some jeans, because both of my old pairs are about to wear out, and I only have one pair that looks nice enough to wear out somewhere. So I looked at Eddie Bauer online, because usually theirs are the only jeans that fit me properly...well, they're $40-$50 or so full price, and the only size they had left in clearance was a 20. Bother. Seriously, bother.

Why do I have to be only able to wear expensive jeans? All the boot-cut, low-rise, skinny jeans, tight jeans, and whatever various other styles there are that either aren't modest or just don't work for me can be found for ten dollars or so, or twenty even!

Well, Mom said I'd probably just have to go to the store and try on a bunch of jeans and see if I could find some other (cheaper) brand that would work. *sigh* I decided I'd at least try Goodwill I went there this morning and tried on who knows how many pairs of pants and jeans, but I did find some that worked!! Two pairs of jeans, and one pair of khakis... the khakis and one of the jeans are Old Navy (hmm...wouldn't have thought those would work, but apparently they have an "at the waist" style line) and the other pair of jeans are...Eddie Bauer. And of course they fit me best. :) BUT, the Old Navy ones fit too, along with the khakis, and at least I was able to find one pair of EB jeans for oh, 10% of the new price!

So I was pretty happy about that, and after I got done at Goodwill I went to Goodys. (I'm not sure of they have Goodys stores anywhere other than North Carolina, or not...anyway, it's a clothing store and they have a few home items too).

I needed to return something and then I had a gift card from my birthday to spend. So I tried on some more jeans there, and a pair of corduroys (I would like to be able to find a nice pair of tan corduroy pants), just so I could see if there were any readily available brands that would work for me. I did find two different pairs of jeans that worked, and wrote down what they were. But the corduroys didn't fit. :( Then I wandered around the rest of the store looking for clearance racks and sale stuff. I found a really cute knit top in the juniors section, picked up the XL, and went to try it on...and it didn't fit. Um...I'm not really that big...who can fit into the small? I mean, it fit alright, except for the shoulders, so maybe someone with narrower shoulders would have been able to fit into it, but I couldn't hardly move! I don't know if the juniors section is starting to be for little girls too (thus the small sizes), or what; although I wouldn't think the majority of teenagers would wear the clothes in the "Misses" department. I ended up buying one of the pairs of jeans, because I wasn't really sure what else to buy with my gift card, but when I tried them on again at home, I realized they don't really fit very well, they're sort of cut funny or something. SO, I guess I'll be taking those back tomorrow. Then I think I'll wait until I've pulled out my winter clothes and see if I need any more long-sleeved tops for this winter or anything.

I also bought seven salad plates on ebay this morning for about $20 including shipping! So altogether a successful shopping day and I didn't spend too much. :)

And when I got home I was very talkative because I was so happy I found some pants that fit and Mom was sitting there looking slightly overwhelmed. Dad took today off to paint next door at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so everyone slept in this morning, except that I got up at 8:15 to bid on the salad plates, so I was up and dressed and had eaten breakfast by the time everyone else got up about 9:00. Mom didn't have her contacts in yet, and asked me if it was 9:00 or a quarter-to-12?? Because surely it must be late if I was up... :)

Oh, and gas was $2.98!!! Woo-hoo! :D


rebecca said...

I have some of the mid-rise jeans from Old Navy and was so excited to finally find some that fit...because they make long jeans too! And now they have this whole tall people sizing thing, with shirts that actually cover your back when you bend over and skirts that may actually be long enough! :)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Gas is $2.95 near my house, BUT I got gas there this morning and paid $3.17....

Abigail said...

I love Goody's! They don't have them around where I live though, but I've been to one that's by my Grandma who lives in SC.