Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dixie Classic Fair

Umm... Oh great. Ah-ha! The fair! That's what I was going to blog about...I knew I had something I was going to blog about, but it got pushed aside by a bunch of other blog ideas. Okay, the fair.

We got there about 12:30 or so and made our way to one of the shows, "The Rhinestone Ropers" I believe was the name. That was fun to watch, they did rope tricks, and whip-cracking, and things with a horse and stuff like that. And they asked the little kids to come up if they wanted to try to twirl a rope, and Colin went right up there and did it...while I gaped at him and then rummaged for my camera. I don't think when I was his age I ever would have just walked up there and done something like that...I wouldn't mind now, but not back then!!

After the show was over we ran into some friends of ours (the family that has the farm up in Pinnacle...I've mentioned them before). So we talked to them for a while, and fixed this sign:

They were asking us which shows we'd gone to, and were wondering whether they should try to go to the show across from the Rhinestone Ropers. And in the process we realized that the printed sign said 1:30, but the hands on that clock were mixed up so it looked like 6:05!

"Oh, that needs to be fixed!" says the dad. "Helena," he says to the oldest girl, "go fix that!" But she just stood there and shook her head...finally the dad ran over there and fixed it himself. "Okay! Now I can go on without that bothering me all day!!" :p We were all laughing about that!

After that they went off to find some lunch and we went and looked at the chickens. What a LOT of chickens!

Dr. Seuss chickens:

Pine cone patterned chickens (these are so neat-looking!):

More patterned chickens:

And chickens that looked like those fuzzy marionette things (if you've ever been to a homeschool convention you probably know what I'm talking about! Otherwise, you're out of luck because I simply can't find a picture of one...):

Dad started sneezing while we were in there and decided he's allergic to chickens...Mom and I think it was probably the cedar bedding they were in, but I don't know. I suppose you could be allergic to chickens...

After that I think we ate lunch, and then we went and looked at the exhibits. I entered 25 things and got ribbons on 11 of them...which considering that I didn't have as much time this year to work on stuff isn't too bad I guess. :) And I think I'll enter a pound cake next year, because I didn't see any entered in the "cream cheese pound cake" category. Oh, and there was quite an upset in the scones category... *cough, cough* That's a bit of an inside joke, so if you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry about it. :) I didn't enter scones this year though, so it's not my fault...

And we had a funnel cake...or two actually, between the four of us:

Okay, so I don't like people dressed up in those costumes (like mascots) where you can't see the person at all...because you can't tell what sort of creep could be inside. So anyway, at the fair they have these people dressed as the characters from the comic strip B.C. wandering around...which is fine, as long as they stay away from me. But Mom and I were sitting and talking about our entries and stuff when I looked around and found one of those things hovering right by my shoulder!! I shrieked of course, and it pretended to be scared by me, but I was not happy. :( I'm not scared by much, but I don't like those things...and I know it's just a person in there, but they shouldn't go sneaking up on people like that!


There was this neat dragon made out of heating and air components:

So, that was the rides, although Colin said he wanted to ride on some ride. He would have been scared when he got up there though! :)

I don't think this post is very interesting...I just realized I'm really tired!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

WOW! I didn't notice the dragon, but I did have a conversation with a "salesman," probably in that same building, about harassing salesmen... (they harassing me, not me harassing them...)

CONGRATULATIONS on the ribbons! You are a talented family!

Olivia joy said...

I love the hair on that one chicken!!
And that funnel cake looks so good!!