Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorry, I don't have much to say

Whoo...I'm back! :) I worked Thursday and Friday, yesterday and today, and then the weekend was busy-ish as usual...though I did have time for a nice nap on Sunday, and if I hadn't had that nap I think I'd be crawling in bed right now.

As it is, I'm fine, I don't really have much to blog about, and I'm not working until next Thursday. Eight days off!!! I think I'll recover the dining room chairs.

No really, I am going to recover them. :) I know that was really random, but we got all the materials to redo them and then were busy with the fair and everything, so it's been on a mental to-do list to get them done "after the fair" (along with a bunch of other stuff!) and since I've got time, I'll do them now.

Dad jokingly said today when he saw me knitting, that it was only 50 weeks until the fair. Ack, if you put it that way, it doesn't sound very far away! For instance, if I assume I can get on average one item done per week, that's only 50...which is twice as many as this year, so that's not a problem by any means, I'd be okay with that. But I wouldn't really be able to get one thing done per week, and there will be some weeks where I don't get anything done, so fifty weeks doesn't sound like much time. It also explains why the year goes by so fast..."a year" sounds like an awfully long time, but if you put in weeks, fifty-two weeks doesn't sound like so much. Or maybe it's just me...

ANYWAY! It just amazes me how fast time goes sometimes.

Oh, and just to, I don't know, clarify? Prove a point? I'm not sure... My "Battleship" game has five boats:

Carrier: 5
Battleship: 4
Destroyer: 3
Submarine: 3
Patrol Boat: 2

(This is in response to all the comments on this post!!) ;)

My game says 1996 on the bottom of it, so I don't know if maybe they went back to the way they originally made it or what. According to this Wikipedia article, there was a set of boats with the names Uncle Jim said, but my new game has the other set, so maybe it's just a random choice as to what they call the boats in each version of the game? Do any of my readers have a version of this game with different boats? There's at least one game with a newer box, but I don't know if the game itself is any different.

I think I'll go see if Dad wants to play a game of "Battleship".


rebecca said...

Ours is called the Destroyer and is from the 90s...but I missed the...uh...discussion on the other post and am wondering if it matters at all :P

Post pictures of how you do the chairs! Aren't they sort of different from regular chairs and the cushion part is sort of underneath a wooden part which might make it more confusing to recover? Maybe that is just how I am remembering them though...

Natalie said...

Hmm, interesting. No, I don't know that it really matters that much. :)

Of course I'll post pictures!!! :D Yes, you are remembering them right, but the cushion part is around a board which is screwed to the seat of the chair (I'll definitely take pictures...) so I can just take that off and recover it, then screw the board back on. So really it's easier than, say, a chair that has the upholstery wrapped across and stapled to the bottom of the chair or something. It's really not going to be too hard.

Ooo, that reminds me, I need to get the piping to go around the edge sewn. I got all the pieces of fabric cut for the chairs and the piping, but I need to have the piping ready to go before I get started. *adds this to today's to-do list*