Sunday, February 08, 2009

But February made me shiver...

...with every paper I (not) delivered...

So, I haven't blogged for a while, I've been too busy this week I guess. So this is going to be a bullet-point post with a bunch of random stuff.

  • As far as papers...the Winston Salem Journal is rapidly going downhill. And they're cutting more and more people, and cutting the size of the paper, or rearranging it. It's very annoying to have to get past all the sports page to get to the rest of the second section, because there are only two very thick sections of the paper on Monday and Tuesday. And I say not delivered because they've been having so many issues getting the papers out on time, or delivered at all. We didn't get our paper before we left for church this morning, and we've had to call to get one an awful lot lately.
  • It snowed on Tuesday...or rather, it snowed further south, so there was lots of lovely snow at work. Great big flakes and it was sticking (probably about a half-inch in an hour or something like that.) But when we got home it had hardly snowed at all! :( I'm really peeved that I forgot to take my camera to work with me on Tuesday and therefore didn't get any pictures of the snow!!! Of all days...when I usually have my camera with me all the time!
  • My friends and I went dancing on Tuesday...although I thought we weren't going to be able to go because of the snow. Dad didn't want me driving with all the other crazy people on the roads who would be freaking out about the snow. But my friend's dad ended up taking her, her brother, and me, so that was awesome. :)
  • I took video:
  • One of the songs they played for a waltz was the tune for the hymn "Let All Things Now Living" which is set to the tune "The Ash Grove", a traditional Welsh melody.
  • Speaking of medium-sized mammals...Monday was Groundhog Day. They dragged poor Phil out of his burrow and he "didn't see his shadow" or the other way around perhaps, I can't remember which is which. Anyway, six more weeks of winter. And that's one fat groundhog...all the ones I've seen around here sitting by the side of the road are rather slimmer than that. :D
  • Something our pastor said this morning during the sermon... "I'm not a pacifist you know...anyone breaking into our house will be met by three people. Beasley...Smith and Wesson." That amused me. :)
  • It's about 70 degrees here right now. I'm sitting outside writing this and enjoying the weather. I was planning on wearing a kinda thick sweater over an oxford shirt this morning for church, but decided against it because it was going to be warm. I wore a thin sweater over a sleeveless shirt instead...don't ask me why I thought that would be cooler, because I'm not sure myself after typing that out. I guess it was a little bit cooler, but still too hot for the weather. :D
  • What I'm listening to: Wroof, wroof, arf, woof! Stupid neighborhood dogs. There was also a chicken rustling around somewhere behind me a little while ago though. It was making me a little jumpy.
  • I watched the 2006 Jane Eyre movie with some of my friends's really good!
  • I actually have too many books to read...this is very unusual for me. I'm generally searching for more books to read, but at the moment we actually own quite a few that I want to read, plus there are more that I would like to get from the library!
  • It just dawned on me this week that I'm going to be turning twenty this year. Not till fall of course, but still it just seems a bit strange. Wow...twenty. I mean, I guess I feel that old, but I don't see how I could actually be that old. Ah well, I've got seven months to get used to the idea.
  • I feel like sewing some clothes...problem is, I don't really need any more clothes. :p I've got some fabric though and a pattern in mind to use it, so I think I'll make a dress for this summer. And maybe some summer skirts...I'm thinking it might be nice to wear more skirts this summer...I don't know. It's just that my shorts and capri pants never seem to fit real well, so skirts sound like a nice option. I'll see. I'd have to wear shorts under them to make them more practical for work and such though. Urgh...don't need more clothes! And one of my friends just gave me some more clothing today. lol Note that I didn't say I didn't want more clothes...just don't need them. ;)
  • Hmm...I've been sitting here too long. There's a robin about six feet away from me and he doesn't look frightened at all. :p
  • I went to a sleepover with some of my friends at my friend Jessica's apartment a couple weeks ago...we took some funny pictures and had lots of fun. :)
  • I think I'm going to finish this post later and go ride my bike's just too nice to just sit here any longer. Would have been a nice day for a hike too....I wonder if it'll be this nice next weekend??
  • When I was at Zoe's house yesterday to watch the movie and eat dinner, they gave me a bowl of fruit salad with no cantaloupe in it because they knew I don't like cantaloupe! sweet! :)

Here are some pictures from the sleepover.
Jessica and Zoe:

Jessica modeling her apron:

Me...apparently lurking in the dark:

Jess asked for something crazy...I'd say this was pretty crazy, but Zoe looks sadly unfrightened; in fact, she looks pretty darned happy! lol :

Hannah and, that's a good picture:

Hannah and I. I guess I was starting to stand looks like I'm protecting my laptop though:

Hannah with her picture frame:

This would be one of the group pictures that didn't turn out right. Jess kindly said I looked like a serial killer. :p She later amended it to muppet...either way:

Oblivious of the camera:

Eating a strawberry Twizzler:

Zoe reading something funny:

Anyway, I think that's all for now. :)

Maybe I'll actually get back to blogging more normal posts here soon. I've just been lacking in things to say, or if I had anything to say it would bore my readers to death so I just bored my friends in person instead. ;)


Amanda said...

Thanks for the video. It is neat to see what I could look like when I am contra dancing!

How was Madagascar 2? I need to see it.

Natalie said...

Wow, you really confused me with this comment, Amanda. lol You're usually mandolinartist, so that threw me off, and I was trying to figure out who this Amanda was who goes contra dancing and thinks I watched Madagascar...

Lauren saw that, not me, btw.

Of course, last night I thought a friend said that there were real goldfish on the floor at Target, but I thought that was just because I was tired... :D

Lauren said...

Hey! I guess that video you posted was of contra dancing right? if so DARN i think my stupid computer needs some updates or some COUNSELING because it wouldn't load. oh well. I saw it on Zoe's computer! you watched jane eyre? LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It's really true to the book! hehe those pictures are funny! Have a great day! :)

Natalie said...

Yep, it was the same video you saw, Lauren.

Hahaha, counseling! That cracked me really seems like that's what computers need sometimes...when there doesn't seem to be anything else really wrong with them. :D lol

It probably needs some updates though actually, usually unless everything's up to date videos won't work. Laura was having trouble seeing it too, but she somehow got it to work...

Yes! It was very true to the book and that's great for a movie!! I loved it.

photogirl said...

Dad's joke on Sunday was hilarious - and he said it with such a straight face! =)

I have the urge to sew, too...and normally what happens to me is that I'll start a project mid-week, and then discover that we don't have the right color zipper or ribbon...=) (planning ahead of time is very nice!)

I loved Jane Eyre! I can't decide if it or Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie - they are both amazing!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

You did say you went to Zoe's to watch a movie. I guess I just confused the movies.

Keeping you on your toes.... :)