Thursday, February 12, 2009

What month is it anyway?

Because it sure feels like April or May! Well, it did anyway. I think today was the last warm day we're going to have for a while. Oh well...*sigh* was nice while it lasted. I went for a walk today and it was so nice to feel the sun on my arms, yet it was breezy enough to not be too hot, and I got to wear flip-flops. (Apparently my feet aren't ready for flip-flops yet though, because I got a blister on the side of my foot from the strap...ouch.)

This Saturday is Valentine's Day...wonderful, Hallmark holiday that it is...well, I blogged about my opinion of Valentine's Day last year, and it's still the same, so there you have it.
I get to work Saturday anyway, my friend wants me to babysit for her.

And I got a Valentine's/thank you card "from" the baby I take care of...and her parents, you know, since she can't really write yet. So, I discovered it on the kitchen island about lunch time and opened it, went "awww!" and promptly got all sniffly because I get that way about some things. I don't cry very much at all, but when I do it's usually when I'm trying to talk about something I feel really deeply about, or it's something like an unexpected note like this. I'm hopeless. :p *sniff*

Let's see, what else is going on? Oh, I got a chance to listen to this sermon by Alistair Begg. My cousin told me about it, and I had time at work this morning to listen. I thought it was really good. There's a summary here. To sum it up slightly, he was talking about keeping Christ crucified as the point of the gospel, which I spent some time thinking about, because although as Christians we know that, it doesn't always come out in what we would tell someone else, or even what's preached in churches. I know it's certainly preached in our church, but I've been to several where the sermon is mostly about believing in Jesus Christ, yet they never really say that there is more to it. Certainly there's believing, but as Begg put it, (I'm paraphrasing) if people are just being good because they don't want to go to hell, because that's all they've ever had shared with them, what then was the point of Christ dying on the cross?
We are hopeless sinners, and totally unable to be saved apart from His grace, and His mercy in dying on the cross. It's not just a choice of going to heaven or hell, it's realizing what wretches we are on our own and that we need forgiveness. It's so simple, and yet it's the root of the gospel. We needed Christ to pay the debt we owed, and it was through His taking our sins on the cross that that's accomplished. Anyway, Begg did a much better job of explaining all that than I did, so if you have time, listen to what he had to say. :)

Oh, hmm, I need to look for sewing patterns, because Hancock Fabrics has Simplicity patterns for a dollar each this weekend. So I think I'll run by there Saturday before I babysit. I'm also going out for lunch with a couple of my friends. Hmm...I should probably get the ironing done tomorrow because I might not have time on Saturday.

I'm crocheting a baby afghan for a friend who's expecting a baby in a couple months. They thought it was going to be a girl, but found out yesterday that it's a boy! :0
Oookay...well, luckily the afghan will work for a boy too, because they weren't going for very frilly, girly colors anyway. But...I just ordered some leopard-print ribbon yesterday I guess I'll have 5 yards of leopard-print ribbon for...something! Because I'm not going to put ribbon on a boy's afghan. But anyway, I've got it about two-thirds done, so it shouldn't take much longer. Hopefully not anyway! The baby shower is on the I've got fifteen days to finish it.

I'm also trying to find a nice JanSport backpack on current backpack is starting to fall apart. Oh noes!!! Not good!
I usually get one at Aldi when they have them cheap (fall), but of course that's also why they fall apart fairly fast, they're not high-quality. My dad has a JanSport backpack that he's had for years and it's still in one piece. So I'm hoping to find a nice one like that, but on eBay in case they don't last as long as they used to (because nothing does anymore) and they're slightly expensive new.


rebecca said...

We had huge snowstorms up here and suddenly it was like 50-60 degrees and all the snow melted. Which is very nice (except for all the tornado-like wind that knocked the power out on Wed. night)!

I'm going to be positive about Valentine's Day...I'm not sure what that will look like, though. I guess sitting in bed, blowing my nose and complaining about something other than being single :P

Natalie said...

Aw, you lost power? Ugh.

Sure, you can be happy you're not going out on a date while sick/missing a date because you feel awful! :)

Jessica said... much to cover. Let me see here: I went on a walk today too, except I just wore my feet. I was wearing a skirt and was feeling all Anne of Green Gables-ish...and down the lane there were two kittens and the sun was shining and there was a gentle is good. :) I think I shall blog on my own valentine's day thoughts tomorrow. I agree about the cross thing. One of these days when I am folding laundry or cleaning my room I think I will listen to that sermon. Awwww....a baby! I love babies. You knew that, probably. ;) Lastly...I have had the same backpack for four and a half years right now. It was $13 at Kerr Drugs and has a giant hole in the top that all the younger boys at swim team like to point out. I desperately need a new one, but Lizzie keeps protesting that I should keep this one because she likes them looking used. Too bad! I shall rebel! *goes to look for a JanSport backpack*

Natalie said...

Heehee...I love how that was all one paragraph. :D

Ahh, sounds like a lovely walk!

Well, I don't mind a backpack looking either new or used, but when they don't work anymore it's a problem. Which makes me think...I probably don't need a new one quite yet. The straps are just starting to come apart a bit at the moment, but everything still works fine. If the zippers go then it's a tragedy.

I just kind of spazzed when I realized it was starting to wear out. But it doesn't have any holes in it yet. ;) But you go get yourself a backpack!! *cheers* ...uh, yeah. :P

Jessica said...

Cheers to you as well! *drinks to the Queen's health, etc.* :P

I didn't think anyone would notice that I resisted the temptation to separate each thought with a paragraph! I just knew it would look five miles long if I did so (as my comments often do), so I painfully tried to make it look shorter by bunching it all together....silly me, thinking I was the only person in the world who noticed paragraphing styles....

Natalie said...

Oh no...I would notice... lol ;)

I know what you mean though. But don't worry about leaving too long of comments on my've seen some of my comments. :P

Jessica said...

Too true, too true. ;)

Esbee said...

OH! OH! OfficeMax! The one off Stratford yet somehow also off of the mall! As of last week, they had Jansport backpacks on sale on the clearance rack in the back for like $15! Go all the way to the back, then all the way to the left, on the rack just outside the hall to the restrooms.

Wish I had read this previously; I could have told you when I saw you today. SO MUCH FUN TO MEET Y'ALL!

Lucy aka Esbee

Natalie said...

$15! Wow! Well, I'll at least check the one out on the north end of town near us and see if they've got any...and then the other one if I strike out. Or...ooh, I'll be out that way the end of the week, maybe they'll still have some then. Hopefully. :/

Yeah, it was so cool to meet you!! :D I'm glad Mom decided to say something after all. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh wait, Office Max, not Office Depot! Okay. Either way I'll be out there and I'll have to check it out. :)