Saturday, February 21, 2009

But I do like black and white

I'm not a big art person really (sorry Amanda, I can sense you cringing), but I see stuff once in a while that I really like.

Anyway, I went to contra on Tuesday and they'd put new artwork up in the hall! Cool! There's one really, really big painting that was gone for a while and now they've put it back, but then they also put up maybe five other pieces. The only one I recognized was The Scream. But they had a really neat black and white graphics piece behind the stage. One of my friends said it looked like an Escher, at which point I said "Oh..!" because that name actually sounded familiar. I'm usually only familiar with the names of the really great classic painters, and then only recognize maybe a Monet, Renoir, or Van Gogh for sure when I see one, and I really don't know more modern art.

So anyway, I looked it up and figured out why it sounded familiar...M.C. Escher's art is a bunch of black and white stuff, so I probably saw some at one point and liked it. This is the one they had in the hall:

I like these ones that look like the illustrations in a book:

See the books in this one? I love how they're the same size as the houses:

I like the light in this one:

This makes me think of the frogs in the book "Perelandra":

My, those frogs/lizards do get around!


...I think my head just exploded...

So anyway...I imagine the other artwork they put up in the hall is quite possibly also by great artists...I just didn't recognize any of it. :p Even the huge painting at the end of the hall...or maybe it's just some cheap painting, but either way I don't really like it. lol It's a painting of a little girl sitting by a creek or river with a fishing rod, and there's a deer sort of hovering behind her I think, and it's mostly all aqua and green and blue. But somehow the style seems all off. Like it looks like it supposed to be a sort of old painting, but the girl and the fishing rod look too modern....I don't know. It takes up way too much space for the amount of impact it gives.

Speaking of art...I played Pictionary today over at my friend's house (not that anything we came up with was great art...ha!). Her parents had a little party for her because she's going into the military and she leaves for basic training on Monday. :( But we had fun this afternoon anyway. :) One of her other friends' little brother came too; little hyper red-haired twelve year old...I think...he seemed younger. He comes bursting into the room telling them something, stops dead, looks at me and says, "Hey, I don't know her!"

"I don't know you either!!" I replied after I stopped laughing. :D

Everyone else was getting a little annoyed with him because he wouldn't calm down, but he cracked me up. I like little red-headed kids...and for some reason little boys like that don't bother me. I can't stand kids that are total brats, but if a kid's just hyper, not shy at all, and ever so slightly a show-off yet without being annoying about it, they make me laugh. (Wow, what a description! I can't figure out how else to put it though...and I think maybe it's only little boys that are like that.) On the other hand I also haven't had to live with them, so I might think differently if I was this kid's sister for instance. :p
He thought it was pretty cool that I was wearing Converse. :D friend's younger sister was also surprised, "Wow, you were wearing heels the other day, but you also wear Converse!" case you hadn't figured out by now, I'm a bit unpredictable sometimes. Just to keep you guessing... Haha! ;)

I worked a half-day yesterday so I ran some errands before and after work. I stopped in at Whole Foods to look for some tea that I couldn't find at the grocery store. I haven't been there for a long time! It's a neat place, but I was wandering around the store looking for the tea aisle while feeling like a way-too-clean, non-recycling, SUV-driving, earth-killing person. Because although I recycle, don't drive an SUV, and hadn't showered since the night before, I didn't look like it. ;) At least I didn't have makeup on. lol!
Nah, there were some other more businessy-looking people, but the whole place just feels rather granola. ;) They've got some nice stuff that you can't find at the grocery store though...I found my tea and it wasn't too terribly expensive, but it took me quite a while to get through looking at the huge variety of teas! Wow...if you want tea, that would be a good place to start. And a whole bunch of health food...unfortunately the prices are a bit steep on some things. I wish we had a Trader Joe's around here. It's a health/specialty food version of Aldi! How cool is that?! But the closest ones are near either Raleigh or Charlotte, so not real convenient.

Anyway, I should probably go get some sleep so I don't fall asleep tomorrow. :/


Lauren said...

yea when I went swing dancing they had new art up too!! Im not sure if it was the same pieces or not but anyhoo thats pretty cool. I hate that I didn't go last tuesday I didn't think y'all were going! Maybe we can all get back on the same schedule...

Abby said...

oooh i like that art! very cool...

photogirl said...

Escher's art is great! Our family has a book of some of his drawings - and they are so neat! You could look at one picture for hours. =)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

A comment like that could get you banned from my blog list!

So, what about black and white art?