Sunday, February 01, 2009


Cats...nice little critters, and personally I like them most of the time. But they seem to have very tiny brains, and they also are very good at getting sick on weekends. You know, when the regular vet isn't open, only the emergency vet that costs at least twice as much. Yeah...

So Gracie is/was/we're not sure yet, ill this weekend. Threw up a couple times (she never does that, as opposed to Petunia who has a sort of schedule as to when she throws up) and was also lying around curled up in a ball looking miserable. And not eating.

We felt her over and didn't find anything wrong with her, she hadn't been bitten or we finally figured that she ate something that disagreed with her. We had a bag of cat food that was probably rancid because it was out in the garage, so it might have been that, or she might have eaten something outside...a diseased lizard or something. So anyway, that's not a problem so much, the problem was that she got it stuck in her little tiny brain that food made her sick and therefore she couldn't eat even when she was hungry. (And yet she's so smart sometimes...)

So Dad went and got some chicken baby food last night, and I watered it down, put it in a syringe and fed the little cat. *sigh* And it seems to have helped, she's actually eaten some of her real food now, and seems to be feeling better. We'll see if it keeps up...she was seeming better yesterday morning and then started looking down again.

Oh, and Target gives out nice syringes with their liquid prescriptions! This was one left from when I had stuff after getting my wisdom teeth's a 2 teaspoon syringe, and it's wide enough to be able to put fairly thick (yogurt-consistency) baby food through. Very nice. lol

Now if we can just get Petunia eating again...Gracie is top cat so Petunia won't eat until she does! I just gave her some baby food too, but I'm thinking they both should be back to normal pretty soon. While I was getting Petunia's baby food, Gracie was eating some more cat food and then came and begged for baby food. Whatever...

Oh, and here's a new song I discovered. I was listening to a Jars of Clay station on Pandora, so if you like JoC you should like this:

Matchless ~Aaron Shust

Oh, and it's February already! And tomorrow's Groundhog Day. :)


Vet Bills said...

I hope your cat gets better!

You are right how these animals know when to get sick (after the vet clinic closes)

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you and your situation.