Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming up for air

I started writing this yesterday (Sunday) but ran out of time and finished it today.

I had three things I wanted to accomplish this afternoon...I got about 1.5 of them done. So, not too bad.

I was going to sort through my clothes, vacuum out the car, and take a nap. I got the clothes done and a very short nap; thus the 1.5.

I decided to do something about my clothes after I asked a friend for a skirt I gave her a couple years ago that she never wears anymore, and my mom asked why I was asking for clothes back when my closet was about to explode with clothing! Uh-oh...I do indeed have a problem. I'm thinking knowing how to sew is sometime more of a curse than a blessing...I always think, "Oh, if I just alter this it will fit me fine!" so I save things that don't fit, and I either alter them and have way too many clothes, or never get around to it and they sit in my closet not being worn. Hmm...

So this afternoon I went through my closet and dresser and even pulled my box of summer clothes out of the attic and looked through it too. I'm not quite sure what percentage of stuff I got rid of...not more than a quarter probably, but it's a start. Now I actually have extra hangers from my closet, and my clothes are hanging straight instead of being quite so smooshed. (I have a small closet, so it'll always be crowded, but it's better now. I rather hate to think what would happen if I had a full-size walk-in closet...I'm afraid it might fill up too. Chances are the rest of my room wouldn't be so crowded though.)

I didn't end up going out for lunch on Saturday because one of the friends I was going with had to get a haircut and she didn't get back till really late. So we're going to go out tomorrow night I think, which will probably be better anyway. My other friend got us both flowers and chocolate though! So sweet of her!! :)

I won a cute t-shirt and apron set on Bloggy Giveaways. It's a really big apron too! I'm glad it shrunk when I washed it at least, because when I first got it I wrapped it around my waist and it wrapped so far I couldn't tie it. It's really nice though, and the t-shirt is American Apparel brand and very soft and comfortable.

Meet giraffe version 1.0:

He's version 1.0 because he was supposed to be a gift, but it's the first one I've ever made and I didn't think through the consequences of leaving his last hand-stitched seams in such obvious places as the back of his neck and on his rump. On the other hand, I was wanting one for myself anyway and I'm inordinately fond of Giraffe 1.0 even with his funny seams. :) And he's brown corduroy. Version 2.0 will be better planned anyway...and will possibly have a mane, tail, and bow-tie. :)

It actually snowed for a little while this morning! It was all wet when I got up this morning because it rained last night, but then later there were snowflakes coming down. But it's sunny and clear if I can just get my head cleared out that would be nice. I've been trying to figure stuff out, schedules and various other things for various people, and I feel like I'm in a slightly stressed fog. Oof. I'm hoping maybe going out to dinner tonight will help me snap out of it...but first I need to look up an H&R Block coupon and some other tax-related stuff for my friend! *Reminds herself again that she can't fix everything and she needs to chill* Deep breaths...deep...urgh!!!

Oh, when we were at Costco on Sunday we met Esbee/Lucy, of local blogging fame! That was cool!!


abby said...

ooooh what a cute apron!

rebecca said...

I like the giraffe!

I'm trying to figure out clothes, too...I don't have *too* many right now, but last summer I wore my old painty jeans every single day and this year I want to wear skirts. Or at least change into skirts when I get home from work :) But I am really picky, and I also want to start sewing some clothes, and knitting a few things seems like clothes shouldn't be so complicated.

photogirl said...

I tend to keep things too, thinking that I'll alter them later...

At least we can sew...even if it does sometimes mean over-crowding! =)