Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Article about Audrey Hepburn

I just saw this on npr.org today and thought some of my friends might find it interesting. It's mostly about an auction of some of Hepburn's clothing but it has a little bit about her too.

A Hepburn Dress Of Your Very Own

"Are you in need of a new ensemble for your sojourn in Rome? Or perhaps some loungewear for serenading the moon on your fire escape? Today in London, Kerry Taylor Auctions will sell off an important collection of Audrey Hepburn clothing during its Passion for Fashion sale. The collection has been widely publicized and anticipated across the globe.

For a woman who saw herself as "too skinny, too flat and too tall," Hepburn played a major part in the way women looked and behaved in the 20th century. From ballet flats to skinny black jeans, Hepburn's wardrobe staples continue to influence another generation of fashion. In 2006, Gap went so far as to have Hepburn star in a commercial by using old film footage for its line of skinny black pants, similar to the ones she wore in the film Funny Face." ...continue reading.


Lauren C. said...

i found this super interesting!! neat and thanks for posting!

Natalie said...

I thought you might like it! :)