Sunday, December 27, 2009

First snow of the season

They were predicting snow for last Friday, and I was of course rather skeptical about it. It never snows here...not really! Or not anymore at least. But lo and behold, it did! I had to work on Friday and around 11 I heard the sleet start coming down. Sounded like a bunch of falling sprinkles. :) And then it was sleet/rain/sloppy snowflakes; I guess that's what they call a "wintery mix". Finally it started sticking a little bit, on the driveway and even on the grass.

I was pointing out to the little girl that it was snowing, and she seemed to enjoy watching it come down, so I told her that we could go outside after lunch. Well, she didn't seem terribly interested in that so I thought "Whatever, we'll just step outside for a while and then come back in for naptime". Well, after lunch I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes and such and I suddenly find that I'm being handed my coat...and my scarf...and she's dragging my shoes over while saying "Shoose! Shoose!". Oh! I guess we are going outside after all! :) She went bustling around rounding up her coat and scarf too; it was so cute!

So after getting all bundled up we headed out. We didn't end up staying out long because it was really cold, and the snow was very wet and therefore getting us pretty wet. But we walked down their rather steep (and now slippery/slushy) driveway, so I reached for her hand so she didn't slide, at which she stopped and stubbornly said "No!" while vehemently shaking her head. Haha! She didn't want any help at all, though she finally let me hold my arm out in front of her to catch her if she slipped. I was telling my mom about this and she just sat there smirking because that's how I was when I was little. Yeah, yeah, it's only fair, I know. :D

Well, I got to leave a little bit early and Dad and I went to Costco before we headed home. And I drove. This was my first time driving in snow, since it doesn't snow that often and when it has I guess I haven't needed to go anywhere. It wasn't too bad really, but we saw people in Jeeps and pickup trucks having all sorts of problems.

I went out the next day and took a few pictures and sledded a bit, but there wasn't a steep enough hill to make me want to stay out and get all wet and cold, so I went back in pretty soon.

I had to glue my boot back together with the hot glue gun:

Snow makes me look sarcastic...oh wait, that's just me:

Buried Swiss Chard plant:


Not Colin:

Colin again:

There are still piles of snow sitting around because it's been so cold. Sadly it wasn't snowy on Christmas though, it just poured down rain all day.

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