Monday, December 21, 2009

My brain has a selective search engine

Heard: It's just the recycling truck, giving me false hope!

Brain: Keywords "false hope"...scanning...scanning... "Mother and Child Reunion, lyrics to"

Heard: Like jumping out of a plane and trying to fly by flapping your arms, flap, flap, flap...

Brain: Keywords "flap, flap, flap" ...scanning... "Flying Sketch, Monty Python"

Heard: Name the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence

Brain: Keywords "Declaration of Independence" ...scanning... subject -history ...scanning... error, data not found

While coming in handy when I want to remember song lyrics, for the most part this is not good. I also knew immediately what Dad was talking about when he said someone on American Idol sang, "That song, by that guy" which was "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal, of course.

So someone can throw a partial song lyric at me and if I've heard it it's probably in there somewhere, but if I try to remember something important it's kind of hit-and-miss. I don't know how to fix this, though I would rather like to. :P

Test the song lyric thing, if you'd like. :D


Rebecca said...

And "that guy with the dark hair" is obviously Josh Groban :D

Natalie said...

Exactly! :P