Friday, December 04, 2009


I think we're going to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow. I dragged it out of the attic last night, but didn't feel like putting it together, so it's just going to have to relax as we decorate it. (It'll need to be fluffed up a little, I mean.) The three pieces pretty much just slide together and the branches flip down, and then the little side branches have to be fluffed. At least, I think that's how it will work. We just got it last year, so we've only put it up once.

Dad and I stopped at Target after work yesterday to get some Christmas lights because he wants to hang icicle lights and some other different stuff outside this year. So apart from looking askance at the tacky Christmas decor for sale at Target, and feeling like Charlie Brown surrounded by the pink metal Christmas trees, I pretty much stood there and helped Dad figure out what lights we needed. And then here's why I wonder if I'm turning old and cranky at twenty. There was a group of three or four flighty college girls looking for lights to put up in their rooms and they were off course spazzing around all hyper, and squeaking "Ohhh, look at theeeese.....!" and such as is usual in such situations. (And that tends to annoy me anyway.) Then they got to yammering on and on and on about which kind of lights they should get, and oh those ones are solar-powered, and those ones twinkle. "Oh, I want the ones that turn on and off! Ohh, they're expensive..." *disappointed lip curl*

Let's just say it wasn't a good day to mess with me anyway, and I dislike shopping unless I can get it done quickly and without any interruption or annoyance. I meandered down to their end of the aisle, picked up and read the back of the box of inexpensive lights they were wanting to get first, spoke up and pointed out that those ones would flash too if the flashing bulb was installed. (Brief explanation of what the flashing bulb should look like...wondered if they knew how to change it anyway but didn't go into that.) They gaped at me of course, were perhaps slightly grateful to me for pointing that out, and at any rate cleared out of there pretty soon after that. So I may have helped, or I may have freaked them out, but I just had to do something. :P

Then on the way home I started wondering if I act like that when I'm somewhere with a group of girls, and I sure hope I'm not. I can't stand and don't want to be like that... :/ Hmm.

Anyway. Stop me if you see me acting like that. The flighty-ness I mean, not the snarkiness. There's no hope for that. ;)

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