Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random thoughts from my brain

  • I see some funny things on the way to work. For instance, in the neighborhood I work in there's a guy who looks like the former governor of Illinois. That...well, I have nothing to add to that.
  • Last week on the way to work I saw a guy waiting in a big long line of cars to turn and he was shaving with an electric razor. And he looked SO bored. Maybe you should shave before you leave, and save the coffee to drink in the car or something? Or maybe he shaves and drinks his coffee on the way to work. Sounds like asking for an accident and major injury. Also, if you shave in the car so often that it bores you...maybe you need help.
  • At work, the mom told me the other day that the little girl could have salad with her lunch, but to make sure it was cut up in small pieces because she'd choke on a long stringy piece. Ha, no kidding! I can definitely do that. I am the queen of cutting salad into (rather disgustingly) small pieces. It took me years before I was able to eat a salad without cutting it into about 1/2 inch pieces. (I can now, just so you know. Don't have to cut my salad at all, though I still cut it a little bit occasionally depending on how big the pieces are.)
  • All used book stores should have a cat. I went to the two bookstores in town the other day, one had a cat (Roscoe) and the other did not. Gotta say the lack of a cat wasn't a deal-breaker, but it made the first place more interesting.
  • In my defense, I was Christmas shopping at the bookstores, but I bought ten books. Half of them are for me.
  • My dad would probably think this is a misuse of bullet points.
  • The stores and radio stations are playing Christmas music already. *sigh* Good news: I have yet to hear "Christmas Shoes". Bad news: it's only the 12th.
  • I own too many clothes. Shirts in particular.
  • I need jeans though. I go through them pretty fast because I wear them almost every day. I have discovered that Calvin Klein jeans fit me perfectly. However, my budget is not made for CK jeans. With any luck I can find some on eBay, since I didn't find any at Goodwill the other day. I think if I get the right size and the right leg cut they'll work.
  • Most jeans button the same way. When quickly trying on a pile of jeans at Goodwill last week I was completely thrown off by finding a pair that buttoned the opposite way. I believe I stood there for a good ten seconds wrapping my brain around how to button them. :P What, were they men's jeans? "Charter Club, 8 Petite". No, men's pants aren't sized that way. Weird.
  • I have all my Christmas shopping done! I am immensely pleased by this.
  • I want boots for winter. I don't know what I want. Strangely, I liked some "motorcycle" boots at Shoe Dept. They weren't that out there really...but they were Harley Davidson brand. My parents are rather worried. :)
  • In order to save money this winter we are keeping our heat lower than usual. Duke Power raised (or is going to raise) the electric prices by 7%. I am going to freeze to death this winter. Or drink lots of tea to stay warm.
  • Tacos sound really good for Christmas dinner. :D Nontraditional, definitely, but yummy. Tacos are probably my favorite food. (Must remember that, it never occurs to me when someone asks that question.)
  • I need to make green bean casserole sometime because we didn't have any with Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think I would have had room for it anyway, but I need some now. Love that stuff.
  • I adore Aldi. The baking supplies they sell are super, as is all of the chocolate, and so much other stuff as well. AND inexpensive.
  • My mom suggested I get more hobbies so she can find something to get me for Christmas. :D I haven't a clue what else I could take up doing though. Music of some sort I guess. Or sports. Yikes. All my current hobbies are either already taken care of or I'm picky about what I want (like yarn for projects). I don't really need anything for Christmas, and I want expensive stuff. Oh well. :)
  • I'm going to the candle tea at Old Salem this evening with some friends. As many times as I've been to Old Salem, I have never been to a candle tea. This should be interesting. I will do my best to not be impaled by a Moravian star.
  • And that's what's going through my head.


Skirvin said...

This is what is going through my head:


Natalie said...

Nothing? :D Or you simply have nothing to say about all that inane rambling? :P

Uncle Jim said...

I've been rather famously impaled by the dread Moravian star... I'm just happy nobody had a camera handy.

I'm pretty sure it happened more than once, as the hanger of that dread device refuses to accept the fact that some folks are taller than 5'6".

Natalie said...

Ha, you should be happy. Yes, it did happen more than once and to more than one person, since most of the family is not short! :P

This year I have to watch out for the one at work. I think the problem is that the Moravian stars only work along with a proper Moravian arch over the doorway, otherwise they're too low.

Skirvin said...

@Natalie No, it was the first.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I'm glad you got all that out before your head exploded! :) ;0

Rebecca said...

I have trouble with salad now. Since I got braces I can't chew soft lettuce (like romaine) and just try to swallow small pieces :P

At *used* bookstores, things cost less so you should be able to buy at least three times as many books. Right?

I started hearing Christmas music on the radio around November 1. And just heard that song for the first and only time on Friday. Shudder.

Didn't you buy a motorcycle jacket last year? Is this the outfit that goes with the Homeschooled Glare of Death? :P

I have yet to be impaled with a Moravian star. But I usually stick to the back door at Grandma and Grandpa's.

This comment is long.

Natalie said...

Yes indeed, Amanda...that would have been a tragedy. :)

Romaine is pretty crunchy I thought! Hmm...

Yes, I got ten books for about 44 bucks, so it was much cheaper than new books, and they were all very nice hardback books.

Motorcycle...jacket...?? OH! That one. From Goodwill? Yeah. And the homeschool glare of death, hmm, you have a point, my dear cousin...

Good idea. Maybe I should do that at work.

Quite alright. I like long comments. :)