Friday, August 15, 2008

Ha-ha...I'm silly sometimes...

Hmm...busy Friday!

I made the fig jam I mentioned yesterday...and I ended up canning it, because I made more than we had room to store in the fridge. Plus I can enter some in the fair, in the "other jam" category. So...I had to make the jam and then go through the whole canning process, which takes a while.

Basket of figs:

Chopped figs, ready to cook:

They look kind of a combination of pickles and watermelons. You see what I mean?

I'm not sure that I'd use fig jam for anything but cakes...I don't much care for the taste of plain figs, plus it turned out really, really sweet. The recipe called for 6 cups of sugar and I put in 5, but I think if I made it again, I'd try 3-4 cups and just let it cook down longer. It's like fig candy now, but I think it'll be great for in a cake. So, very satisfactory, but time-consuming. Then I had other things to do today too, and I babysat tonight.

I forgot how much fun playing dress-up was. ;p I think the little girl had more fun picking out things for me to wear, then she did dressing up herself! I told the kids we could get all dressed up and take pictures, but then the little girl decided she didn't want her picture taken and kept turning around with her back to I didn't get any pictures of her dressed up (she was a butterfly.) So I took pictures of myself in what they picked out for me...I think I was a pirate queen maybe?

Then they added a veil sort of thing.

Then I was a...uh...Greek or Roman princess...but that was more my idea!

It was fun...silly, I know, but awfully fun. *sheepish grin* (I want to make one of those things like I've got around my wrist. It's a basic hair elastic with ribbon tied around it...not my usual style, but I thought it was neat...either for hair or a bracelet.)

Don't mess with the pirate queen!

Silly girls!

C. playing "golf":

C. and A. building a gate of sorts:

I thought this one was cute...she was determined not to let me pass! :)

So I had a busy, but fun day!

Oh, I got my storage unit put together last night, so I'm going to see if Dad has time to help me hang it up tomorrow...and I need to make a cake tomorrow!


Abigail said...

I've never had figs, they look interesting. And I definitely wouldn't even try and mess with the pirate queen. :P

Natalie said...

lol! :D

Well, interesting is certainly a good word for figs, Abigail... I don't think I can even explain what they taste like!

Ana said...

Ooo, how funny. I haven't played dress up in years! Wow.

Natalie said...

I hadn't either, until Friday, Ana! :D

lauren said...

ahh the little kids you babysit are soooo cute! (c and a.) i saw them at zoes pool once and had so much fun playing with them!