Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Monday already?

Oh boy, my schedule is all off...bother the Olympics! :p I haven't even been watching them that much, but we've all been going to bed later than usual, and it finally caught up with me yesterday and this morning. Yesterday afternoon after lunch I almost...or rather, I'm afraid I did fall asleep during the Bible study. Oh dear. One of the pastor's daughters fell asleep too...but she's only seven.
I'm not sure how well this new schedule is going to work out...if I sit still right after lunch, I'm going to fall asleep! And I wasn't the only one trying to stay awake. So, I slept in this morning, although I had planned to get up and go divide the hosta plants this morning. I guess that'll wait till's too hot and humid out there now.

Dad and I got my storage unit put up yesterday evening...or rather...yeah, it's up, but it's tilted. It's pretty heavy, so we got two brackets put in the studs....but then, right where we need to put another bracket (or just put the second pair) there is no stud....just empty wall. Hmph. *grumble, grumble, fume* Just so you know, this isn't the first strange thing we've found about this house! So Dad's going to get another pair of brackets and use some drywall anchor/screws to fasten them...and that'll help some.

Anyway, the unit is up...although Dad was worrying me because he kept coming in and looking at it like he was surprised it was still on the wall! He assured me that it wasn't going anywhere, he was just looking at it. It's nice...I was picturing something more rectangular than square, but it works, and I like the color and everything.

Something already stored itself up there...

I'm looking forward to getting some stuff stored up there....and I think, since Gracie can get up to the bottom cubes, that I'll not put anything breakable up there! :p


Ana said...

Cute! I'm sure it will be wonderful!

mandolinartist said...

I like the unit! I like geometric shapes and nooks and cranies... I would get one, but I don't have any where to put it.

I was exhausted yesterday too. If we would have made it over for lunch, I would have possibly fallen asleep also. I slept for 2-3 hours yesterday afternoon! (I missed you all anyway.)

Uncle Jim said...

No stud finder in the Roth household?

Natalie said...

Oh fact, we went and got a new one, because the old stud finder wasn't working very well any more. Late birthday present for Dad! ;) That's how we know for sure that there isn't any stud where there should be one.