Thursday, August 14, 2008


I started writing this this morning, but I had to leave for, if it sounds like I'm writing in the morning and then the evening...I am. :)

Ow...I'm a bit stiff this morning. Last night I went for a jog around the neighborhood with my friends...and then we did a few sprints. Guess what, I can actually sprint even after jogging till I can't jog any more. I was very surprised! I can sprint, I knew that, I'm much better at sprinting that long-distance running or jogging, but I thought there was no way I could even move after the jogging. So anyway...I'm a smidge stiff this morning, but I can walk, which is much better than sometimes. I just have to keep moving...if I sit for a while I get stiff.

Let's see, what else...oh, I want Dad to spray bug spray around the foundation of the house! I worked yesterday morning, so I didn't get around to making my bed till afternoon. When I did, I picked up a pillow and there was a big black spider sitting on it! Aaaahhhhh! Well, actually I didn't scream, I don't usually, but I believe I said "Oh my goodness!!" and carried the pillow outside squeaking "goodness, goodness, goodness!" the whole way...because I sure wasn't about to squish that big thing on my pillow! *shudder* That was not fun...and I'm not sure exactly what kind of spider it was. It was about an inch around, and it was black with a red spot, but it wasn't shaped the same as most black widow spiders, the body wasn't very round. Either way...poisonous or not, I'd really rather not have one in my bed if at all possible. :( I can't seem to find any spider online that looks like that, so I don't know if it was some starved black widow spider, or what. Is anyone a spider expert?

We didn't end having men's meeting here, our pastor wanted his father-in-law to be able to come, and he has a bad back and can't ride in the car much, so they met at the pastor's house instead. So Mom and I didn't have to stay in our bedrooms all evening. :) We were able to sit in the living room and watch the Michael Phelps show...I mean, the Olympics. ;p I'm getting a bit tired of all the's interesting, I like watching it, but I'd like to watch some other stuff too. Maybe they haven't started the other stuff yet? All they're showing on NBC is beach volleyball, syncro-diving, gymnastics, and Michael Phelps winning yet another gold medal. And then you only get to see the US team, and the Chinese...and whoever is playing against May/Walsh in women's volleyball.

I was listening to the CD my friend gave me and realized that she put some Steven Curtis Chapman songs on it too...sneaky. I thought the "bonus tracks" sounded different from the first 10 tracks... I didn't realize it until I got to the "Cinderella" song, and thought "Wait a minute! That's not Casting Crowns!" I'm not a big fan of SCC, so it's kind of a running "feud" between us. ;)

My birthday's in three weeks!

Oh dear, I still haven't remembered to take a picture of the sweater I'm knitting. I'm going to be done with it before then at this rate!

Oh, I got one of those storage cube thingies from Target. I think I'll pull it out of the box tonight and either put it together, or at least make sure all the pieces are there, while I watch the Olympics. I ended up getting what they call "espresso" colored. I was going to get a white one, but when I saw they had this (dark wood...or rather, laminate) I thought it would look better with my desk.

I've got two free weeks now. I worked today, but then I don't have to work till September 2nd...and the 4th. I'll be working on my birthday...that baby better give me a present!! ;p I'm kidding. I do have two days of Red Cross CPR classes last week of August though, and I told Mom I'd get Colin out of her hair so she could do some lesson planning. We'll probably go to the park or something...depending on how hot it is. :(

I'm going to make some fig jam tomorrow. My grandma has a fig tree and more figs than she knows what to do with, plus I need a dessert for Sunday. So I'm going to make fig jam, and then a fig preserve cake from the Southern Living cookbook which, according to BooMama, is wonderful. I hope I certainly sounds yummy!

It sounds like we're going to be doing this same routine every least until everyone gets back from vacation and we can't fit in the Beasleys' house...morning service, fellowship lunch, evening service at their house. Which is fine...their house is much nicer than the depressing church we usually meet at in the evening. The only thing is coming up with a side dish and dessert every week...although it also means that Sunday lunch is taken care of. So if anyone has any good side-dish or dessert recipes, let me know! :)

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