Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three things...

...that I'm thinking about, due to the Olympics and the commercials run during the Olympics.

1. How do the women swimmers find clothes to fit? I have somewhat wide shoulders, so I have trouble sometimes getting shirts that fit without the shoulders and sleeves pulling...but these girls have very muscular shoulders (as they'd have to, to swim that fast!). Maybe they just wear sleeveless shirts, or big t-shirts most of the time?

2. I saw the commercial for the prescription pain medicine Lyrica. It's meant to treat fibromyalgia pain, which sounds wonderful! A pain medicine, specially designed for fibromyalgia would be great...since they don't have a cure for it, maybe they can at least treat it. Well, a few of the side-affects for the medicine are tiredness and muscle pain. Ummm....but that's part of what fibromyalgia is...tiredness and muscle is that helping? According to the commercial the lady taking it is able to travel to foreign countries and go shopping while she's about they come up with something that doesn't have those side-affects and that helps you just get through the week while not on vacation?

3. One of the players on the Chinese volleyball team is 6' 11"!! Wow! That's really tall...I mean, I've got guy cousins and 2nd-cousins who are around 6'3" t0 6'7"-ish, and that seems pretty tall right there! But almost 7 feet tall? and Chinese...I thought the Chinese were rather short...maybe not anymore.

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Jessica said...

Haha...fibromyalgia treatments with the side-effects being the same as the symptoms. That's sad, and probably why we stick to homeopathic medicine. :)