Monday, August 11, 2008


I am listening to the CD my friend let me's great! I think I'll have to buy it sometime...maybe see if I can find one on ebay or something (CDs are so expensive!). I'd say they sound more like Jars of Clay than Caedmon's Call...but either's good.

I'm happy that I got my closet cleaned today. I like things clean, but it's hard to keep them that way. :( I got some neat green hangers, so I was hanging up my clothes and thought I'd clean my closet while I was at it.

My dad's birthday is tomorrow, so I'm trying to figure out what all I need to get done tomorrow. I'm going to make him a coconut cream pie, but then I might need to make some cookies too, because men's meeting is going to be here this Wednesday and we need to have some snacks. Mom said she could make a cake or something if I didn't have time to make anything tomorrow.

I made some snickerdoodles last week with this recipe because Colin wanted some. They tasted really good, but they sort of sunk and I thought snickerdoodles were supposed to be kind of rounded on top. I don't know...anyway, I was going to try to make them again and add a little more flour to see if that helped. So I might make some of those tomorrow too if I have time. Coconut cream pie takes a while to make though! :)

I'm also thinking about buying one of these from Target. They're on sale this week, and I want something like that to hang above my desk and store stuff in. I thought maybe I could make one, but I'm not so sure about that, so I should probably just buy something. See, I saw this, that this lady posted on her blog, and that's where I got the idea to store some stuff like that. She said her husband made it, and it looks really neat, but I don't think whatever I tried to make would look that nice! :p So I want to get to Target sometime this week and get one of the cube things.

Dad went and got his driver's license renewed today, and this evening we were comparing photos...I guess he hadn't seen mine before, because he burst out laughing and said I looked like a deer in the headlights. Thank you, Dad. I wasn't exactly happy to be at the I think Colin was more accurate in saying that I looked like I was about to hit someone over the head. :p Dad somehow manages to smile normally, but the shadow behind him always makes his beard look like a big bushy beard for some reason...

We got a couple whole chickens at Costco last Friday, and I cooked them today. Mom was wanting to get some and freeze the cooked chicken, but she said she didn't feel up to doing it this week so I said I'd deal with them. I cooked them outside in the electric roaster (which is very handy for doing things like that!) so I wouldn't heat up the house. It smelled SO Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmmm! Mom picked the chicken off the bone when they were cool though, which was great. I hate trying to get the chicken off...I end up with chicken embedded under my fingernails and chicken grease everywhere...ugh. So I'm really glad she did that part! Then we bagged it up and put it in the only get about nine cups of chicken out of two whole 5 lb chickens which is kind of disappointing. It seems like you should get more, but that's enough chicken for almost five meals for us anyway.

Now I think I'll either finish listening to the CD, or go watch the synchronized diving...that's always fun to watch!


The Pink Potpourri said...

well, my mouth is drooling, and i now have to have something sweet, like a snickerdoodle cookie, after reading your post :) and its only 8 am!!!

happy birthday to your dad!

Jessica said...

I got some neat green hangers...

I don't know why, but for some reason I just giggled when I read that. I guess it's just some weird girl thing to get "neat" hangers and enjoy hanging up all your clothes on them... :)