Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just my opinion

I have a short announcement to make. I do not hate Valentine's Day, nor do I really celebrate it...this seems to be unusual. Edit to add: I wrote this earlier, I see now that Rebecca apparently looks at this the same way I do. I was going to say it was because I'm part German and I just don't find it a practical holiday, but she's not German! ;) It's generally accepted that you either wish Valentine's Day to be completely removed from the calendar or you absolutely love it.

I just don't really see the point of giving your friends (girls) valentines. If I had a guy to give a valentine to I would, but I'd be taking it fairly seriously, so I think that's the basis of my feeling about Valentine's Day. I take it more seriously than when I was little, in which case it's not a relevant holiday for me right now. *shrug* If that made any sense... :)


Having said that, I did enjoy the chocolate Dad gave me this morning. Also, I'm babysitting for a friend of mine tonight, so she and her husband can go out...and I made cookies to take to the kids. I'd say Valentine's Day is a good excuse for making cookies! ;) And they are pink... I half-way thought about making some with blue icing, because one of the kids I'm babysitting is a boy, but then I figured that a three year-old isn't going to care what color the cookies are because, hey! they're cookies! :D Right?

Anyways, I don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day, but have a happy Valentine's Day anyway! :)

I have something to post about later, too... if I have time.


Rebecca said...

Maybe I'm not as German as you, but I still am a little bit! :)

If I had a guy to give a valentine to, I wouldn't wait until today to do it. If that made any sense.

Natalie said...

You're part German too??! I didn't know that!

Yes, that made sense. That's kind of part of my thinking about it...

Rebecca said...

Well, I don't use my German-ity as an excuse to dislike cheesy holidays or harass bagboys ;)

mandolinartist said...

You two may feel differently about V-Day later!

On another note, we, as Christians, see holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, differently. However, I was saying yesterday that most holidays are another way for stores to make money.

I like most holidays myself!