Friday, August 07, 2009

Jeans, chocolate chip cookies...and a cat

So, I had a full day yesterday: shopping to do, an eye doctor appointment, and then getting together with a couple of my friends before they leave.

Among other places, I went to Goodwill...and found this napkin holder. It makes me laugh, though I'm not sure why. :)

I also bought some more jeans because I've got way too many pairs with holes in them. And once again, I discovered that only expensive jeans fit me really well. Of the three I got, the pair that fit me best are Calvin Klein brand. :/ Sheesh...good thing there's Goodwill I guess, because I wouldn't want to pay full price for those or any other expensive brand.

Then I looked several places for Dad's birthday gift, and finally gave up and ordered it from Amazon. It's supposed to be here by the 11th or 12th; hopefully it will be!

Oh, and I went to Petsmart and didn't get a little orange and white kitty named Charlie, though I was very tempted to. We really don't need more cats (two is plenty!), but it would be nice to have a boy cat again, they're so much more affectionate. I did buy our cats some more cat food though. :) ooh, heya!!! I was actually able to get the picture off my phone by emailing it to myself!

Then last night after I got back from the eye doctor and picking Dad up, a couple friends and I went out for supper and to see a movie, so that was fun.

By the way, does anyone have a good soft chocolate chip cookie recipe? I want to make soft chocolate chip cookies (as close as I can get to the ones from Costco, if possible) but I can't seem to get any that come out soft. I finally got some that look alright anyway. Our standard recipe is the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe, but those always come out looking awful when I make them. They taste perfectly fine, but they're all wrinkled. Weird. Anyway, the ones I made last week came out nicely, but still not soft.

I know the kind from Costco probably have some sort of ingredient that makes them soft (I'm trying to remember what was in them that sounded like it was probably what made the difference...I can't remember). All the other ingredients are normal things though, so maybe I should look at the label on a package when we go there tonight, and write down the ingredients.


rebecca said...

I used to use the Tollhouse recipe too but they kept spreading too thin and turning out funny. So I switched to this one and like it a lot:

Allie said...

I have 2 good chocolate chip oatmeal recipes, but no just plain chocolate chip. If you want those, I can email them to you.