Sunday, August 16, 2009

The last ounce of talk...and now I'm done :P

Oof...I've had enough talking to people for one day. Or being talked to. I don't know, I don't mind talking some, and I usually prefer people to talk to me, but I'm worn out. Hmm....that sounded terribly unsocial, but I just hit a point where I have nothing left to say, especially if I'm getting tired. (If I'm at a sleepover and stay up past that point, it eventually backfires and I won't shut up though.) :)

Anyway, we had a church lunch this afternoon and then I stayed over there with my friends and watched the movie Fireproof. Speaking of which, if you've seen it you should watch this (I don't think it would be real funny if you haven't already seen the movie though).

I liked the movie a lot. Some of the acting was a little cheesy, and the plot a bit predictable, but it was pretty good. My dad thought it was a little unrealistic how once the guy was saved immediately everything fell into place perfectly. (They went and saw it when it was in theaters.) So...low budget, but all in all a good story. And a great reminder how apart from love for Christ, and remembering the love He shows to us, it's hard to love another person well. (To paraphrase.)

I was over at the pastors house (my friends are the two oldest girls) and I was amused by how the next two youngest kids kept looking over at me during the movie to see how I was reacting to it. :D It also dawned on me that when I'm dating/courting/whatever you want to call it (how about just "seeing"...) when I'm seeing some guy, the little kids are going to be watching me...and him...and actually I'm not sure which of us will "deserve" more watching. :D Depends on the guy I guess, whether they decide he's right for me or not. lol Ah well...if they happen to not like him for some reason but I and my family do....they'll just have to deal. ;) And since I'm the oldest girl in the church, I might be a bit of a trailblazer, adding to the scrutiny by the young ones. Oh goody. :p Oh my...I find this terribly amusing. Heeheehee. :D

In other news, I've been doing a little bit of sewing lately. I was working on a skirt probably about a month ago now and got so frustrated with it that it's just been sitting on my desk since then. I pulled it out the other day though and decided I was just going to have to disregard the pattern and figure out a way to make it work. From something, either cutting, or sewing it wrong, or who knows what, it wasn't going to work right to put the zipper in it. (I hate zippers anyway! Installing them, I mean.) So I decided I would make a bunch of buttonholes and and a ribbon so it could just lace up the side. So....working on buttonholes last night...tedious. Twelve buttonholes on each side, only about a half inch long. Gah! Then when I was cutting them open, first of all, the seam ripper slipped and I cut about two inches up the side. :/ So I had to zigzag stitch the poor skirt back together (which worked, thankfully), and then while trying to poke through one of the buttonholes, the point on my seam ripper snapped off. Fortunately Mom has one too, so I was able to use hers to poke through and then the blade part on mine to do the actual cutting.

And this morning I found that I had a metal splinter in my finger from that! Yikes.

In other sewing, I had a t-shirt my grandma gave me that was too big, so I sewed it up the sides to make it fit....and then I discovered that my toenails matched it. :)

And then finally, my friend asked me to sew her stripes onto her air force (I'm not sure if that should be capitalized?) uniform for her before she left. She had one jacket that had them in completely different spots on the two sleeves and she didn't know where they were supposed to go. And I'm thinking....uhhh, this is the air force...surely there is a specific way these are supposed to be put on there! :D But thanks to the help from a friend who used to be in the air force, I was able to find out where to sew them on. :) So they are in exactly the right spot, and now she is down in Florida apparently about to get blown away by a tropical storm. :/

And now I think I will go try to finish that skirt. And get ready to enjoy my week because I'm only working on Tuesday this week!


Uncle Jim said...

If you're referring to the United States Air Force, capitalize it. If you're referring to a generic air force, don't.

For example:

Winston-Salem has its own third-rate air force: Cletus flies his crop-duster really low and moons the visiting celebrities! Let's hope they don't call in some Air Force F-16s from Langley to put a damper on things!

Robert said...

Anne Shirley was married in the old apple orchard at Green Gables.It was in Anne's House of Dreams which is book five.Sorry I took so long to reply.

I'd like to see Fireproof but up here the price is about $30 dollars so I'm waiting for it to go down.

Your movie watching with those children reminded me of the scene in Northanger Abbey when Henry Tilney comes to visit Catherine and while talking to her he looks around to see her younger siblings watching him.

It will also be a chance to show the kids what a courtship is like.

Natalie said...

Haha!!! Well, I was referring to the US Air Force, so I should have capitalized it.

Oh yes, I just went and looked it up. It's only once chapter and I haven't read those for a while, so I forgot about it.

Wow, that's a lot for a DVD!! It's only $15 dollars here. I guess you can't order from the US Amazon? Or you would have to pay extra anyway? I don't know how that all works. You could probably find it inexpensively on eBay though.

Yes, I remember that scene. :D I love that book and's overly dramatic in spots (as it's supposed to be) but Tilney is funny. And I like how Catherine comes from a big (and basically homeschooled) family. :)

Abigail said...

I disagree that things fell into place perfectly once Caleb got saved. Until the very end, his wife continued to want the divorce and went around with the horrid Dr. Keller! The happy ending was portrayed as a process and result of Caleb's conversion, but I don't think that the conversion was portrayed as a "magic fix" at all!

I do agree that there is some cheesy acting, but it was definitely a big step up from "Facing the Giants." And did you see their very first one, "Flywheel"? It's acting was awful! :D So they're getting better and better with each movie.