Tuesday, August 25, 2009

S.E.T.I. song

The latest Rhett and Link video, with help from Canadian animator Billy Reid.

And there's a twist at the end about where the alien is from that I couldn't stop laughing about. :D (No offense to anyone who lives there, I just found it funny.) :)

They really took this and made fun of the alien-searching people....and I'm not sure if that's the whole point of the show this aired on (Brink...on the Science Channel, I believe), or whether the whole rest of the show was serious and then they made fun of it. :)

And those outfits....oh my. :D


Caroline said...

HA HA!! Love Rhett and Link!
Did you know they now w=have a movie? It looks kind of stupid though

Natalie said...

Well...it's a documentary, it's not necessarily *supposed* to be real funny. ;)

And actually I would be going with you guys to see it if I wasn't babysitting. :)

Abby♥ said...

omigosh... haha! link's hair...

Lauren said...

yea what really got me was the hair. GROSS!