Thursday, September 21, 2006

Am I crazy?!!

Probably! :-) I finished my knitting project today, it just needs to be washed...and I decided to start another cross-stitch piece! I was thinking about crocheting a baby afghan, because I signed up for that as well, but it's only crochet, I don't have enough yarn to crochet, and I can't crochet a blanket with no holes. I can knit a blanket without holes, and with the amount of yarn I have. It can't have holes in it, because I was going to give it to a charity for newborns, and they say no afghans with holes so that the babies don't get their fingers stuck... so, so much for the crocheting. I'll knit an afghan when I'm done with the fair. So I started a cross-stitch beaver instead...this one:

I just started him this afternoon, and if I hurry up and get done here, I might be able to finish him tonight.

When I posted yesterday, the dividing lines I put in messed up my page. I went back and fixed them, but when I type, it shows more space in the window than I actually have. I've had that happen with pictures before, putting them side by side, then when I post, finding them stacked instead. But for some reason the lines didn't wrap properly, so they just stuck out into the sidebar and looked uneven! And that's technical terms, you know? :-)

Speaking of technical terms, I looked up what RSS stands for... I knew I'd seen it somewhere, but I couldn't remember what it was, or where I saw it. Fortunately, Wikipedia has everything:
RSS . It can stand for several things, but I like "Real Simple Syndication" best, it's ...simple.

It's starting to get too cold for me. It's not even officially fall yet, and the temperature is only in the 50's (about) at the lowest (like at night), but I'm freezing! Of course, I wore jeans, not shorts most of the summer, and froze last winter (which was mild), so I'm not sure what I expected. I've decided I better stock up on thermal and turtleneck shirts... it's going to be a long winter... :-)

And now I need to get back to stitching!!!


rebecca... said...

awww...the beaver is cute!! stay warm! :D

zoe said...

hey nattie!! i just saw u 2day......and yesterday!!lol! the little pah-tay 4 laura!!!!!!!! hehe fun times kidzzz...did u njoy urself?? sumthing on ur blog about that!! hmmm..oh!! STOPPP!!!!! i love that beaver!!!! stop!! yay... and im diggin this osm fall weather and u should b! 2days the 1st day of fall!!!!!! i informed u and about 8 othr girls that this morning but oh well...yesss!!

rosebuda94 said...

I finally got to see that pic!That's a cute cross stich! I hope it does well at the fair.