Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random Wednesday

I've got nine of my fair things done, and 4-5 more to do...that's just the sewing stuff. I still have several baked goods to do, but only two more that I can do ahead of time. Dad made me make a schedule for when I'm going to get everything done....I'm not fond of wasting time on making a schedule, but I think it will be helpful.
I'm baking cookies right now...some will go in the freezer for the fair, some I will take to church tonight, and the rest we will eat...actually, with all the sugar around here, I'll freeze all but the ones I'm taking tonight!
Last year after the fair, we had all been eating so much sugar, from all the testing and baking of sweets, that we were all tired, and I got a cold and cough that lasted forever... I did some research on it, and found that if your immune system wasn't very good, you would end up with your cough lasting forever, and that you should be taking vitamins and eating well. Well duh! No wonder I was coughing and couldn't shake the cold... probably about half my diet had been sugar the past month! So I'm not doing that again...all extras are going in the freezer, to be eaten at decent intervals!
I was planning on framing my cross-stitch piece today... I finished it and washed, ironed, and stretched it on Monday, and the frame came on Tuesday, but when I was getting the plexi-glass ready to go in the frame, I found that it had marks and smudges on the inside of it! Lovely! It's not the frame shop's fault, they just cut it, and it's wrapped in paper so they wouldn't be able to see it anyway....but it should have been made better by the manufacturer. It was a different brand than what we usually get. Mom ordered frames and glass too, and hers was the other kind and they were all fine. Dad called the frame company, and they said they'd get another piece shipped out...hopefully it will be okay!
I've almost got my knitting finished, and now I'm trying to decide if I should start a crochet project now. I had one going, but I decided I couldn't get it done, and I didn't think it would do very well at the fair. So I'm not sure if I should start another project that I might be able to get done in time, or if I should just forget about it for right now and work on the things I've got going...
Our pastor posted this on his blog: The Armoury. The video is really weird...and somewhat scary... I did find the one girl's statement rather interesting "It's like they're training us to be warriors, but in a funner way"...nice... that's real nice that they get the idea...and it's fun! That group obviously has lots of underlying problems, one of them being the woman pastor, but the Jesus camp thing is just weird... especially the worshiping the cardboard cut-out of George Bush...
A conversation yesterday between my mom and little brother Colin:
Colin comes out pushing stuffed animals (rabbits, I think) in the back of a dump truck:

C. "These bunnies are looking for a church to go to."

M. "Why don't you tell them to go to Pilgrim Bible Church?" (our church)

C. "Well, they just can't go to that church."

M. "Why not?"

C. "Well, they just can't go to that kind of church... they're Baptist bunnies!"

Yes, conversations with Colin can be interesting!

Like just now... I just looked up to see that I hadn't set a timer on the tray of cookies in the oven. "Oh," I said, "well, I don't know when those will be done, I didn't set the timer!"
Colin: (sarcastically) "Oh that's okay, I like burnt cookies."

I really don't know where he comes up with these things!


zoe said...

hey not cumin 2 church 2night so ill miss u but tell me how it goes and all that good stuff....well, hope ur stuff 4 the fairs cummin along good..i wish i was at church 2 savor the flavors of ur cookies er w/e..well, i watched that video....weird....rodeos, concerts, sk8ing, yadadadada.........freaky 4 real...oh well, what collin said is just hilarious...both times but especially about the baptist! well, ill ttyl and im emailn u after this....c ya!! **Zoe**

Jake & Mel said...

okay, those cookies were DIVINE. sooo good. I stole three of them in a napkin and took them home to eat with a big glass of milk. I was in heaven! The chocolate ones with chocolate filling, right? I NEED that recipe. No, scratch that- I just want you to give me all those frozen ones you have in the freezer! I'll give you.... a grandios... uh... HUG! No, scratch that, I'll tell Calvin to give you a hug and Amelia to give you a kiss. Okay, with all this scratching,,, I'm feeling itchy! I don't want Colin to talk to Calvin ever- he's too smart and I can't have my kid being smarter than me so, Colin is not allowed to rub (or scratch) off on Calvin. No, I guess they can play- but only very supervised playing. Tell Colin he has to play dumb around Calvin- that will be best for everyone involved. I'm very tired and rambling on and on- sorry, scratchy!

Natalie said...

Melody, you're hilarious! :-)

Yes, you can have the recipe (when I get the chance to do anything non-fair related...) I'll only let people who really need chocolate to have it...just don't bring the cookies to a church fellowship... just kidding!

Don't worry about rambling on, that's what I do all the time! That's why you get a blog!

So Colin can't talk to Calvin? Hmm...well, he is 3 years older...and Calvin comes up with some pretty good things too! lol

Gee thanks, Melody, I'm itching too!...oh wait, that's the mosquitos that came in with Colin, nevermind...