Monday, September 25, 2006

Three days!

Three days to finish fair stuff...well, 2 1/2. We have to drop stuff off on Wednesday. Then the judging is on Thursday (while we sit at home wondering how our things did) and we're going to the fair on Friday, which is the first day.

It feels weird to be blogging in the morning, I don't think I have before... we're getting going kind of slow today. But that's okay, because I'm going to be busy the rest of the day probably! I need to put the tags on my finished things, and on the cardboard and plates for the baked goods. I need to sew a zipper into my sweater, and if the plexiglass for my cross-stitch gets here, I need to put it together. I got the beaver framed Saturday night. Dad found a frame for it at the dollar store, and it was a real dollar store, so the frame was only a dollar!!!! There is something to be said for stitching things that fit in standard-size frames! I haven't taken a picture of it yet, or I would post it. If get a chance between now and Wednesday, I'll take a picture and post it.

I went to a birthday sleepover at my friend Laura's house on Friday night. It was really fun...there were thirteen girls, but three of them didn't spend the night. We stayed up until probably one or two playing games and giggling. Her two brothers who were there played too, but they weren't giggling! :-) Then all the girls went downstairs and made even more noise and we didn't get to sleep until six in the morning! We slept till ten, so I only got four hours of sleep... needless to say, I took a nap! Five hours of sleep is about the least I can by on, any less than that, and I crash at some point. One year at camp, I only got three hours of sleep the last night, and I was walking around the rest of the day, struggling to keep my eyes open! I'm an extremely sleep-dependent person! Anyway, the sleepover was awesome and I really had fun!

Last night after church, we were looking through...okay, this isn't going to make sense unless I give some explanation! The church building we meet at in the evening is a church that has very few members, mostly older people, and they don't have a service in the evening, so they let us use it (we don't have our own building yet). Anyway, they had been planning on having a yard sale and they never got around to it, so there is a bunch of stuff spread all over the rooms in the back. They finally decided that they would just send it all to Goodwill, and that we could look through and see if there was anything we wanted. There, I hope that made sense! (and that's really only for the few people who read this that don't go to our church!) Anyway, I found a skirt that turned out to be about 5 inches too big, but I should be able to do something with it, and a really cool green scarf (light, silky kind, not winter...and actually it's nylon) that's exactly my green color! The only problem being that I don't have any clothes that color! It looks like it needs to go with some sort of retro, white, tennis dress! It's cute anyway! :-)

I got my last freezable baked thing done yesterday. Everything else will have to be made either Tuesday or Wednesday...mostly Wednesday! And this isn't done, but it's all ready to go, and I'll bake it Wednesday morning, along with all the other things! And now I really need to get going, because I have other work as well as all this fair stuff!

Oh, one note, for some reason the spellchecker is catching plexiglass, and saying it's supposed to be 's'... I suppose maybe it is, I don't think I've ever seen it spelled before, and that the sort of thing they would do, since it's not really glass (with two s's)!

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Guess Who (although you probally know!) said...

Well, I don't know about you, but Wednesday was crazy! And that's cool that you were able to get a good frame at Dollar Tree!