Friday, September 22, 2006

It's done!

I got the beaver done! Not last night... he took more time than I thought, but I finished him this afternoon. Here's how he looked last night:

And here's how he looks now:

Last night when I was filling in the brown on the body, he looked like a guinea pig, then a woodchuck, but I guess stitching the tail fixed that. I love how the fur on his back is sticking out, like he's having a bad hair day, or he's some sort of punk beaver with spiky hair!

Dad is stopping by a local framing shop on the way home, and he's going to pick out a frame for this. So I have another thing to enter in the fair! If Dad can find a frame, they can have it ready to be picked up by Monday, and if I get the piece all ready to go over the weekend (yeah, right) I can just put it all together Monday night or Tuesday...hopefully Monday. We have to drop stuff off at the fair on Wednesday, so I'm going to be busy Tuesday on as many things as I can get done ahead of time.

I'm going to be so busy too, I'm going to a sleepover tonight, and it lasts till noon tomorrow, so there goes half my Saturday...the other half will be usual Saturday work (plus sleeping, because we won't really do that much sleeping at the sleepover). And I need to remember to bring Apples to Apples... and don't mind me, I'm think I'm talking to myself now... And I still need to throw some stuff in a bag for tonight, and get my list of chores done! Adios!...till...Sunday maybe...

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zoe said...

hey again!! cute beaverness... again