Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That was cool

Well, my birthday was cool! I got some neat presents, gift cards and checks too. That's nice, because then I can buy something I specifically want or need.

Unfortunately the cake didn't turn out real well. Mom was disappointed because it was a very complicated recipe, and it definitely wasn't worth all the work. It involved mixing four different mixtures of ingredients, and the frosting was supposed to be a certain temperature, then whipped. Mom figured out thermometer must be off and it wasn't the right temperature, because the frosting kind of went wrong. I don't know if you can tell in the picture or not, but it was sort of deflating while she spread it...well, we won't use that recipe again! It didn't taste too bad, except that the icing had an odd texture and flavor. I think it was supposed to have a bit of a caramel flavor with chocolate...which maybe it did, but we didn't much care for that flavor!

I started school today, and it went pretty well. This month at least (because of working on fair stuff), I'm just doing math, science, and history. I'm doing consumer math, and an algebra book, and I only got two problems wrong in each of those today, so that's nice. And I got a bunch of science done as well. So that's not too bad for the first day, and it should go even better tomorrow. For one thing, this morning my sinuses seemed to have decided to empty, and I was blowing my nose non-stop. Mom asked me how I got my schoolwork done, and I told her that my nose had stopped long enough for me to do my math, and that I could read my science and blow my nose at the same time!

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Jake & Mel said...

So, that's why Hannah gave you a bag on Sunday. I found it strange that it was a christmas bag, though... however, my family is notorious for reusing bags and even wrapping paper... I'm so embarassed to admit that on a national blog! :)
I guess that cake won't be going into the fair entires this year? The icing would probably go well with that putrid cake Scott makes, though, huh?