Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm excited!

Although I don't know why, I didn't have high expectations of any of the stuff I entered in the fair this year! We're going to the fair in hour.

Wednesday was busy, Dad took one load of things with him when he left for work and then dropped them off on his way home. Meanwhile Mom and I were baking frantically! Dad took Mom's cross-stitch and his photos, and he was supposed to take my craft stuff too, but I hadn't gotten it rounded up and sorted out properly, and I wasn't done with some of it, so that just had to wait until our second trip when Dad got back.

My plexiglass never got here, they were supposed to get it here by Wednesday, at the latest, but it hasn't gotten here yet! I bet they didn't ever even get it shipped. The order probably didn't make it back to shipping, or glass cutting, or whoever would be in charge of that. Dad got a piece of glass from work though, and we used that instead, and ended up putting the flawed plexi on the back of the piece, to fill in the frame. Our usual method is, plexi (with little plastic spacers around the edge, to hold the c-stitch off the surface), piece (wrapped around foamcore), and matboard on the back, held in by either turnbuttons (little metal tabs you screw to the frame) or offsets, depending on whether the piece is flush with, or over the frame. Well, even with the matboard it wasn't thick enough to be flush with the frame, so we stuck the plexi, then the matboard on the back. So it's extremely heavy, 9x30 anyway, with heavy glass, then an extra weight from the plexi...I hope they found a sturdy enough way to hang it at the fair!

Then yesterday I cleaned the house. We hadn't had time to do much cleaning, so it needed it! And I got my room clean, so it no longer looks like a craft store and Goodwill exploded in it! And it really you can actually see the floor. Craft store, because I had all my knitting/crocheting/sewing stuff everywhere, and Goodwill, because I hadn't time, or hadn't taken the time to put my laundry away! Anyway, it's clean now, and it looks so nice!

Here's the two photos I entered in the fair. I don't expect them to get anything, even when Dad picks them out for me, I think the judges have different taste in photos than he does. And the guitar one wasn't a big enough exposure, so when it was printed at 8x10 it turned out a little bit fuzzy...hopefully they'll think it was supposed to be that way!
And on the guitar one, I realized after Dad had printed it for me, that I must not have actually been playing the guitar when I took the picture, because my fingernails are too long! And I know that every guitar player who sees that will notice... it was bugging me too! I can just hope that none of the photography judges play guitar...


rebecca said...

nice photos...when i first saw the guitar one i was like " does she play with such long nails??" :D

Natalie said...

Thanks, and my point exactly! But apparently that didn't matter!

rebecca! said...

lol maybe i'm just left hand is in sad shape right now. i love love love black & white photos by the way... *wishes she had a blog to put hers on*