Sunday, October 21, 2007

I casn't ytpe...can't type that is...

And the smoke alarm thing has nothing to do with that post...just another of the weird things that has been floating around this week!

We had Chinese food last night! It was pretty good...

I think we're going to go to a corn maze tomorrow. That should either be really fun or really lame! :)

We went hiking today, Rebecca mentioned that...well, when we were hiking up Pilot Butte these two ladies and their dog were walking the other direction. So, I tried to get out of their way and ended up slipping on the edge of the trail, because they were taking up the whole trail! And on of the ladies is like "Oh dear!" in a really insincere voice, but that made it sound like I'd just fallen down the mountain and seriously injured myself...not that she cared, it was just very tragic!
Luckily it wasn't too muddy where I slipped or I would have been very mad...uh, madder than I was!

We found a letterbox at Pilot Butte (Yay!)'s what a letterbox is: We looked for one on the hike where we carried our purses, but couldn't find it.
Oh yeah, since everyone's pretty much agreed it was the purses...I have no idea why I carried my purse! Well, it started out as a nice, paved trail, so I guess maybe we were thinking it was just going to be more of a walk not hike. Plus I guess I thought I needed it for my keys, cell phone, and stuff. I figured out yesterday though, that I can fit all that stuff in my pockets! :) Although I had letterboxing stuff with me on the hike, and I didn't when we went bowling Saturday.
They had a metal air-hockey table at the bowling we played some air hockey too, but a metal table is deafening...all the "pinging!".

As Rebecca said, we went to FBC again... I wish we were staying through another Wednesday, so we could go one more time.

I really like it out here in's just really my style! Everything is fairly casual, and outdoors oriented, and just really cool! And it doesn't seem like people care about conforming so much... I don't know...I just really like it out here! I don't want to go home!

Now I can't think of anything else to write...and if I think about leaving too much I'll get depressed...lovely!


rebecca said... probably didn't know this, but those two ladies own the whole trail.

I thought I'd already commented on this, like right after you'd posted it. Maybe it was a dream...I seem to remember a hyena was chasing Elijah Wood in the background. They were playing tag.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh! *gasp* That poor girl just slid off the trail! How tragic! :)

rebecca said...

Funny...I really thought that other girl was going to!