Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Once again

Okay...so maybe I should rename this "Natalie's Monthly Blog"? Since that's about how often I get around to posting...if even that often! And I seem to have a developed a habit of posting that I'm going off somewhere, then not posting that I ever got back! Luckily most of my readers know me in person...

Anyway, let's see, last time I posted, I was getting ready to leave for a canoe trip. Well, that went alright I guess, the river was very low because we haven't been getting much rain, so we kept getting stuck...I was the one in our canoe that got out and pulled it off of the rocks, and as a result I feel like I walked probably half the river! I managed to slip several times and cut my knees up pretty bad...one still has a red scar on it. Plus I still have some slight scars from last time we canoed, two years ago!

What else has happened since then? Oh, my birthday! Yeah, that was fun, I got a lot of cool stuff including a tripod...so hopefully my pictures will be less fuzzy now!

I've been busy with fair stuff...that's all done now, we went and picked things up yesterday. I got 6 1sts and 2nds and 3 3rds. So I didn't do as well as last year, but a lot better than I expected still.

I made a cake for my friend's birthday last Wednesday:

I decorated cupcakes and entered them in the fair, but I didn't get anything on them. They were rather last-minute, because I was planning on doing something else on them, but the icing came out the wrong color, so I ended up doing something completely different that I could do fast. I've decided I just do better on cakes anyway...there's more space, so your theme isn't confined to a three inch round.

Right now I'm busy with (or should be busy with) packing! I'm going out to Oregon with my two cousins. We're going to go stay with our aunt and uncle, and see our new little cousin! We're all really excited about that. We're going to be out there for two weeks, and I'll try to maybe post on here occasionally!

It's confusing getting three people's plans and packing coordinated, especially when two of the people are in Ohio and we're communicating through email!
I was confused enough with my own packing, even though I had Colin and Gracie "helping" me...maybe that added to the confusion?
It was just too much for Gracie though...I came back to my bedroom and found her like this:

I guess she wanted to go too! I was just cracking up though, that she was completely filling the space she had there, even if it was really narrow!

So that's what I've been up to...that and wondering where the fall weather is! It still feels like Summer...I'm going to be glad of the 50-60 degree weather in Oregon!

We're leaving probably about 4:30 tomorrow morning, because we've got to drive down to Charlotte...fun. I'm not looking forward to that part of the trip!


Mom said...

So, where are these updates you speak of? Eh?? I have to ask since you have your designated commenters/naggers with you. :)

rebecca said...

Yeah, Natalie--where are the updates?? :D