Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just one more... Andrea and Natalie are upstairs packing, and I'm all finished, so they kicked me out of the room. We are all feeling kind of cranky and depressed about leaving.

This morning the three of us got manicures and pedicures for the first time ever. It was really nice, but none of the people there could speak it was kind of confusing. The lady who did mine was hilarious but Andrea ended up with this very strange man who "kept cutting her with his fingernails". I got a french manicure and my toes are midnight my guitar. I miss my guitars.

After that we were in a huge hurry to get to the High Desert Museum by 2:00 so we could "meet Thomas the otter". So we were all excited about that because otters are really cute and we were going to *meet* a real live one! But when we got there (a little after 2:00) Thomas was behind glass sleeping in a little corner...and that was about it.

Then we went outside and looked at the other things they had there...which weren't really worth the $45 it cost to get in. There was a path with various signs on it telling you to "close your eyes and listen to the rustling of the leaves". The birds of prey part was all right, but some of the things there were a little disturbing (like the stuffed vultures sitting on a half-eaten stuffed roadkill deer).

Inside, in little tiny cages were a bobcat and a lynx. I was feeling really bad for them because they had hardly any space to move around and it must have been so boring for them. We also went into this "walk through history" or something like that. Part of it was in a coal mine, only for some reason we thought it was supposed to be a battlefield...which reminded Andrea of this Haunted Battlefield we went to once that scared her. And Natalie thought it was too dark in there and I wasn't going in by myself. So Natalie put her cell phone on lantern (which didn't really do anything, but it made her feel better) and we realized that the exit was right around the corner and that it was just a very boring coal mine, not a very exciting but really strange Haunted Battlefield.

On the way home we stopped at Safeway to get Starbucks for the last time (sob!) and listened to Good Monsters very loudly. We drove around a little bit so we could listen to all the good songs and it was all very depressing. I don't want to go home yet! I am really loving it here (and I love FBC!).

Well...I should probably get ready for bed. I have to get on another plane tomorrow morning. So hopefully that'll go a little better than it did last time.


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mandolinartist said...

I really have to meet this Rebecca character! She sounds like she is full of such energy!