Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to work

I got back to work on school today...it didn't turn out as bad as I expected. I was able to get some science and Algebra done.
I was dreading the Algebra, because when I left it (in late May :| ) I had completely messed up a lesson and was hopelessly lost. Well, it made sense today and I did fairly well on it...hopefully that was the lesson I had to redo(!)... it wasn't very clear. There were two lessons, but the other one didn't seem to have anything wrong with it....I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
I just about managed to forget what my science module was about as well, even though I've done it a lot more recently. I really have a problem getting Biology to stick in my head....I'm not very interested in it, so that's probably the reason. I found the Phys. science fascinating, and did fairly well at it...oh well.
I'm doing the study guide for the module at the moment, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to tell from that what I need to go over again. It module 14 so I only have two modules to go after that!
I need to work on History too, but Mom and I do some of that together, and I don't remember where we left off, to read my part of it. I'll have to get that figured out tomorrow.

I would say it was a fairly satisfactory day of school, satisfactory day in general actually. I managed to stay awake to do school, I got some gardening and knitting done, and I got my bathroom cleaned, plus I have time to blog...not bad.

I realized yesterday that I forgot to get a picture of the sweater which I knit for my little cousin. I thought I'd made it a little big, but it turned out it fit just about right! It was still a little bit too warm for it when we were out there, but it should be good when it gets really cold out there.

It's getting cold here....this was the first day so far that I was freezing this morning. I don't like the heat, but I don't take the cold very well either...oh well, I changed from regular jeans to my flannel-lined ones though, that helped some.

I was remembering today that when I was talking to the lady at Talbot's in Oregon, at some point we got around the talking about the casual style of Oregon. She said she thought that it's more casual everywhere these days, which I agree with, but what I couldn't really explain to her was the South. To a certain extent the South will never be casual... it's tradition, certain ways you do things, and all that, that I don't think will ever go out of style in the south! How do you explain that? The certain unwritten things that are expected of you if you're a proper southerner (which I'm not)...nothing against southerners, just something that some of them still stick to. Anyway, I think that's why I felt more comfortable out there, I'm not a proper southerner at all! :)

Ah, let's see, what else? It seems like there was something else about my vacation that I was going to write about... I wish I could remember things! Oh, I need to post some pictures when I finish getting them all uploaded and labeled, etc. Hmm... oh yeah, I want a Honda CRV now! That's what my aunt has, and I really enjoyed driving it...it's really easy to park, one thing I really need! In fact it took me awhile to remember how to drive our car...for one thing the shift/clutch (you know, I have no idea what that's called) is up by the steering wheel on our car and it was on the floor in the Honda."Yeah, I remember how to drive, just not this car!" :)

Our car's in the shop right now actually because there's something wrong with the transmission. It's been making sort of screeching/grinding noises for awhile and it just got worse the past week. I drove it Saturday night to go babysit, and I'm very thankful it didn't stop working or something then! We have a car from the shop right now, some sort of Infinity, but we're having some problems...I'll post more about that when I find out what's going on! :) I can't drive it anyway, because it's stick-shift and I haven't learned to drive stick-shift.

Well, that's all for tonight! I'm really going to work on this posting more often thing....now that I don't have any readers anymore!


Uncle Jim said...

Transmission trouble seems to be going around...

Our Windstar is in the shop with a trashed transmission; it failed completely while we were driving to church this past Sunday. No forward gears, and no reverse - and no fun. :(

Rebecca drove the van all the way to Illinois on Saturday and I drove it back to Cincinnati; I'm just glad neither of us had it fail while we were on the highway... or somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia, for that matter.

We're vehicle-shopping, as this will probably cost more to repair than the van is worth. Argh.

Mom said...

What, you don't want a sedate Ford Taurus sedan? You want a FUN car like a Honda CRV? Well...when you get one will you still drive me around, or is it not the sort of car that should be seen with a middle-aged person in it? :)

Better get working on that business plan no matter what kind of car you want!

Natalie said...

Uncle Jim, transmissions aren't cheap, that's for sure...and that van's got a lot of miles on it, hasn't it? In that case it would definitely make more sense to get a new car.

Mom, I wouldn't say the CRV is any cooler than a Taurus! It was just easier to drive! Yeah, business plan...that's not going to pay for a car...

rebecca said...

You're not talking about your new putt-putt business plan, are you? :D

And I think the CRV is a little cooler than a Taurus...or maybe I just like the CD player :)

Natalie said...

No, I wasn't talking about Putt-putt...

The CD player and the volume and channel controls on the steering wheel were very nice. I especially miss the controls on the steering wheel.