Monday, October 05, 2009

Extremely miscellaneous

First of all, I didn't realize Jars of Clay had done a cover of "Lonely People" by America. But I saw it on a CD I was thinking about buying and found this cute video someone made to go with it.

I like that song...although it really makes no sense. But then, what with the "Horse With No Name" song and all, America wasn't exactly known for making much sense. Although I find another song I like is by them too: Sister Golden Hair. At least that one makes sense. But I guess it's expecting a lot from a 70s band for them to sound sane very often. ;)

This is one of the Jars of Clay CDs I was looking at: Who We Are Instead

I find I have a bit of a dilemma. I could just buy CDs from iTunes as mp3 files, but then I don't have the physical CD. Some CDs look really neat too, like The Avett Brothers CD "Emotionalism" is silver with birds on it and looks really cool, and some CDs have lyrics in the liner notes (nowhere near enough of them do that though, I think there should be lyrics in all liner notes), but other than that, I don't do anything with the CD once it's uploaded to my computer. I guess if I lost my music files I would still have the CD and be able to upload them again, but it's cheaper to just get mp3s, and I could probably find free mp3s to replace any I'd previously bought but lost, unless it was something rare. So I'm not sure what I want to do. There are several CDs I want to buy, but I can't decide what form to get them in. Thoughts??

I also remembered that I never posted about last month's mail art postcards. I had two because I sent one both to Lauren and Caroline.

"Flowers & Fashions in Pink and Green"
Mixed media collage

"Fashions and Shapes"
Mixed media collage

And this is this month's (Carolyn's):
"A word of encouragement"
Colored pencil and ink.

Quite honestly it wasn't my original plan to write on that, but I drew all the flowers and vines, and it still needed something so I decided it would be a background, and wrote as neatly as I am capable of. :P

This month I need to be thinking about my design a little earlier...last month flew by and I realized it was the last week and I hadn't started my postcard yet. So, I'll add that to my list of crafting stuff to figure out.

But right now it's Monday, I have cleaning to do, and one of those things to be cleaned is my desk...I lost my iPod somewhere under the piles and I want it before bathroom cleaning and such.

Have a good week! I shall really try to blog more often, but I make no promises. :/

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