Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perhaps I've been looking at knitting patterns too long

I've been looking for glove patterns because I got a new coat for this winter and I want to knit some gloves to go with it.

Anyway, in the process I also found this crocheted skirt pattern: Spiderweb Skirt

Good: It can be made with acrylic worsted-weight yarn, so not overly expensive or finicky, and look how neat it looks.
Bad: It's a whole stinkin' skirt! Am I crazy? (Wait, maybe I shouldn't be saying that when I'm in the middle of knitting a whole dress sort of thing with really, really thin yarn.)

But anyway...

In other patterns, these are very cute, but a little too cutesy for me, plus the pattern only comes in Finnish, and since I don't know Finnish I wouldn't be able to finish them...let alone start them. Oh quit groaning, I couldn't help it.

These are pretty...I have never knitted a sock in my life, not even a normal little plain sock:

I believe I'm suffering over-ambitious-knitting-fever. Otherwise known as OAKF.


rebecca said...

Someday I will knit a pretty sock. Maybe not anytime soon, though.

And I think that by the time you finish that dress you'll want to take a break from knitting, or stick to something small, like dishcloths :P

Natalie said...

Yes Ma'am...

rebecca said...

I didn't mean it like that...knit whatever you like. And that's an order :P