Monday, October 26, 2009


Mom did a meme, and I thought I'd do it also. Google your name with "unfortunately" before it and see what you find. Most of the ones I found involved Natalies being sick or getting injured. Wow. That's not a good sign. But I found a few:

  • Unfortunately, Natalie had no other clothes with her.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie was involved in a huge wreck off the start.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie defied John's orders to throw the game for Flynn and as a result she was kidnapped by Flynn.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie's response continues to be an annoyingly familiar "No".
  • Unfortunately, Natalie and Jordan are still restless, so they continue decorating dishes.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie instigated one ADHD incident of the serious type.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie is no longer in the herd. But she sure was a fun heifer for the shows!
  • Unfortunately, Natalie didn't see the public service announcement.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie wants a love match, and Lord Malcolm doesn't believe in love.
  • Unfortunately, Natalie couldn't get them in her suitcase, so I inherited them.
  • Unfortunately Natalie had seriously underestimated the sheer animal cunning of her giant squid stalker which cunningly disguised its smallest tentacle as a bicycle tyre.
So there you have it. :) It's Monday. :P


Katarina said...

I did it. :D

rebecca said...

Haha! I love that last one...and the spelling of "tyre" :)