Thursday, October 08, 2009

It is what it is

And what it is right now is this:

Yes, it looks tiny, but amazingly it will fit'll stretch some when it's done, for starters.

That would be my latest knitting project which is going to be this when it's done, as long as everything goes as smoothly as it has shockingly gone so far. I've never had a knitting project that was so interesting and yet not difficult and completely lacking in wonky knitting instructions. It's awesome.

I think this is my favorite knitting project ever, and the only problem with is that it's really thin yarn so it's gonna take a LONG time to finish it.

The yarn is the stuff I was using to um, knit a sweater back in April of last year. :P I got pretty much the whole body of the sweater done and realized it wasn't going to This one is going a whole lot better.


rebecca said...

That is going to look really cool when it's done. I love it when knitting goes right (not that it happens very often to me!).

Hmmm...I got a couple knitting books from the library with smaller projects I'd like to do. But each one requires a bunch of needles I don't have and I might be too big a cheapskate to buy them :)

Natalie said...


What sort of needles?