Monday, October 12, 2009

It looks like fall

I like my little black MacBook very much, it's quite convenient, has had few problems, and I'm very happy I bought it. It does have to be dusted fairly often because the dust shows up clearly on the black and looks terrible. But I just cleaned it this weekend with a microfiber cloth and now it's dust-free and un-smudged.

But as with any laptop, the fact remains that you simply can't see colors very accurately. This one is fairly accurate as far as laptops go, but whenever I change the colors on this blog I have to go check them on my parents' computer, and I generally gasp or say "eww" when I see it because it's a whole lot brighter/different shade/etc.

That being said, I got the colors changed for fall. Although it's supposed to be a high of 75 tomorrow, it is in fact finally fall and feeling like it most of the time, which I love. Lovely, lovely weather. Some friends and I walked around Reynolda Gardens a little bit yesterday and it was almost chilly at times. It felt good though. I'd rather be outside in cool weather than hot.

Last week at work I was outside with the toddler and I was trying to figure out why she was "Uh-oh-ing" about the leaves on the ground. Oh, right! Leaves are supposed to be on the trees and they've fallen off. So I tried to explain to her in a simple manner that leaves fall off the trees when it gets cold, and then when it's warm again the next year the trees will grow new leaves. Then I thought of deciduous trees, and that was the point at which I drew a complete blank. How on earth do you explain that some trees do keep their leaves? I don't even know the scientific reason, if there is one; just that they do. I ended up saying that "Some of the trees keep their leaves during the winter to stay warm"...and as soon as the words were out of my mouth thought "I did NOT just say that...!" They keep their leaves to stay warm? How stereotypically "trying to explain to a child" can you get?! Ah well. :P At least I don't think she was really listening to me very closely, so probably no real harm done. ;) is now feeling like fall, and my blog looks more like fall. And as a note: Coldplay, Keane, U2, and One Republic is a good mix to listen to while doing web-design. I'm just sayin'...

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Caroline said...

OHH LA LA!! I would love an apple laptop! How neat! Neat blog make over!