Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm not promising creative post titles this week either. Because if I tried anything more definitive than days of the week, all you're going to get is: "Sewing", "Knitting and more sewing", etc. :p

First, to file under "things that make me feel old": Mom was talking to a friend of hers yesterday. We've known this family for a long time, but I haven't seen them recently. They have two girls and a little boy. Now I always think of the older girl as being about, oh, 6-7. A little kid still. So later Mom's telling us what's up with them and says, "...and H. is almost twelve..."
What?! H. is the older girl, the one I remember being a little kid... So I stand there saying, "Twelve? Twelve?! She's almost TWELVE already?!!" *sigh*

Okay, so far this week, I've finished making a cover for a pillow, knitted on my sweater, and I started working on a skirt last night.

The pillow:

And progress on my sweater...the pattern name is "Isabella" so I think I'll refer to it as that from now on. Just so you know I haven't started randomly naming my sweaters or anything... ;p


For scale, that looks like a lot of knitting, and it is in number of rows, but that's only 6 1/2 inches. (From the edge to the needle.) It's a bit tedious. :)

Ok, I'm off to work on my skirt!


Ana said...

I LOVE(!!!) your pillow. I have a think of beautiful pillows and it defiantly fits under the beautiful pillow category! Wahoo.

Your sweater is looking so fun and springy! How fun it will be to wear it. Keep it up.

Natalie said...

Thank you! The pillow is actually a back pillow of Mom's that had just boring grey fabric on it, so I made it all pretty! :) We've got another one in the living room that I'm planning on recovering with that same fabric, because it's kind of a pink terrycloth fabric and really doesn't go with our furniture!

Yes, I'm really enjoying working on this's really nice yarn, and a fairly easy but impressive-looking pattern.