Saturday, December 22, 2007


A show where the right person people won! (As opposed to American Idol.) I'm talking about The Next Great American Band...and I'm glad the Clark Brothers won. All of the top three were very nice bands, but I liked them the best. Plus I think they were the most original.


And a few of their songs that I particularly liked.

Their finale song (an original):
You Are Still The Same

And another good one:
You're In My Heart -by Rod Stewart


rebecca said...

Yay! I looked at the site the other day and saw that Light of Doom was gone (yes!!)...I'm glad these guys won (although I didn't keep up with the show at all...these were the guys I liked, right?? :D)

Natalie said...

Sure you did! I don't know, watch the videos! Oh, that's right, your computer isn't working right. I don't remember if you liked them or not.

han said...

You're glad the Clark bros won? I watched the videos - didn't like them at all...but I guess tastes differ! I'll say this - intresting. Very intresting.

Natalie said...

Hmm...I'm surprised you didn't like definitely wouldn't have liked the other bands. I'm going to buy their CD when it comes out.

Han said...

Yeah, I basically like Steve Camp, Keith Green, John Micheal Talbot and Steven Curtis Chapman...the Clark Brothers aren't anything like them... =)